Building Relationships for Christian Growth

A study guide with twelve lessons dealing primarily with our relationships with others, in the context of a right relationship with God. Some lesson titles: Gracious Speech, Listening, Encouragement, Reconciliation, and Authority and Leadership. 31 pages; paper; Quality Printing.

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Good News for Children

Dating back as far as the mid-1800s, the stories in this anthology teach timeless values such as honesty, integrity, and courage. Written in a clear, vivid style that holds the attention of the reader and impresses the lessons deeply into … Read More

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Our Hymns of Praise

OUT OF STOCK. A collection of 226 songs and choruses for children with a focus on using these songs to help teach music in school. This book is referred to extensively in the Music Teacher’s Guide. This book could also … Read More

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A Taste of Texhoma

A collection of recipes from friends through the years. This cookbook was first printed several years ago and is now available for purchase through Gospel Publishers. 384 pages; hardcover with 3-ring binder.

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29 songs; paper; United Music Publishing.

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Fricke Family Favorites

A collection of recipes from the Samuel and Katherine Fricke family. 222 pages; 3-ring binder; Fricke Family.

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Golden School Days

A collection of songs sung in schools when our parents were children. Includes several songs for graduation and numerous state songs. 58 songs; paper; Koehn.

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