Ne Studierunk en de Christliche Lia

A Study in Christian Doctrine – Plautdietsch. 64 pages; paperback.

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A Course in Bible Study

A course of instruction in Christian doctrine written for intermediate or early-youth students. In three parts: The Christian Faith, The Christian Life, and The Christian Church. Eight lessons in each section. 125 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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Estudios de las Doctrinas de la Biblia

(A Study of the Doctrines of the Bible) Twenty-five lessons written for doctrinal class instruction prior to baptism. 58 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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Love and Nonresistance

John Coblentz. A biblical study of the doctrine of nonresistance. This book is divided into three parts: “Old Testament Foundations,” “New Testament Principles,” and “Practical Aspects.” The last section, “Practical Aspects,” is thought-provoking and applies the doctrine of nonresistance to everyday life. A foundational teaching of … Read More

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Tea Leaves

These devotional meditations for women, compiled by Nancy Stutzman, were written by twelve missionary mothers. You will find your spirit refreshed and your commitment renewed as you read these pages. 350 pages; paper. Christian Light Publications. OUT OF PRINT.

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Une Etude de la Doctrine Chrétienne

(A Study in Christian Doctrine) 56 pages; paper; Gospel Tract and Bible Society.

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150th Anniversary Commemoration Service

This booklet contains a transcript of the speakers’ comments at the special commemoration service held prior to the 2009 Annual Meeting. Valuable from both a historical and inspirational perspective, this booklet will be of interest to many. 32 pages; paper; … Read More

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Doctrin La Bib Ak Pratik Li

(Bible Doctrine and Practice, Creole edition) 417 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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Biblische Lehren und Anwendung

(Bible Doctrine and Practice, German edition) 487 pages; softcover; Gospel Publishers.

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The Church and the Faith

Gospel Publishers Bible Study Series, Book 3. A Bible study book for adults and youth, covering topics relating to the church and the New Testament faith. The third Bible study book in the series — follows Understanding the Old Testament … Read More

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