Discoveries in Song B2, Teacher Edition

Teacher Guide for Discoveries in Song, B2. The course contains twenty-eight lessons aimed at 3rd & 4th-grade students, with a focus on harmony. This teacher’s guide has clear instructions for beginning music teachers. It contains reduced copies of student pages with corresponding instructions as well as word-for-word scripting which the teacher can read directly to the students. Following this guide closely helps ensure success in teaching this course. Full color; coil bound; 150 pages.

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The Long Winter

Laura Ingalls Wilder. A family faces life-threatening winter conditions on the American prairies during the late 1800s.

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The Big Wave

Pearl Buck. After losing his family in a tsunami, a Japanese boy learns to be brave in the face of danger.

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Caddie Woodlawn

Carol Ryrie Brink. The life of an adventurous girl growing up on the frontier. Based on true events. Proofreaders’ note: There are some bywords in this story. Treat as per your policy.

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The Sign of the Beaver

Elizabeth George Speare. Until the day his father returns to their cabin in the Maine wilderness, twelve-year-old Matt must try to survive on his own. Although Matt is brave, he is not prepared for an attack by swarming bees, and … Read More

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Stone Fox

John Reynolds Gardiner. Little Willy lives with his grandfather in Wyoming. When Grandfather falls ill, he is no longer able to work and is in danger of losing the farm. Little Willy is determined to win the National Dogsled Race—the … Read More

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