A Course in Bible Study

A course of instruction in Christian doctrine written for intermediate or early-youth students. In three parts: The Christian Faith, The Christian Life, and The Christian Church. Eight lessons in each section. 125 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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The Challenge of Christian Living

A Bible study course for youth and adults. The lessons are divided into three sections: Christian Growth, Christian Warfare, and The Challenge of Christian Living. Scriptures are printed in full in the lesson body, emphasizing Bible study rather than merely … Read More

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Building Relationships for Christian Growth

A study guide with twelve lessons dealing primarily with our relationships with others, in the context of a right relationship with God. Some lesson titles: Gracious Speech, Listening, Encouragement, Reconciliation, and Authority and Leadership. 31 pages; paper; Quality Printing.

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Pilgrim’s Progress Study Guide

A workbook of the journeys of Christian from John Bunyan’s classic story. For youth and up. Page numbers throughout the study guide correlate with the CLP edition of Pilgrim’s Progress.

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Lamp for Our Path

A course for intermediates containing thirty lessons. The lessons cover God and creation, salvation, the Bible, Christian doctrine, and more. ­Promotes Christian growth. Short exercise section with each lesson. 86 ­pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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Principles of Faith Study Guide

A doctrinal study booklet which coordinates with Principles of Faith, Bible Doctrine and Practice, and Questions and Answers on Christian Doctrine. This study is suitable for personal, congregational, and mission use. 96 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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Principles of Faith

A booklet containing concise explanations of 37 doctrines and principles of faith. Each article is substantiated with Scripture references. It is suitable for doctrine study and recommended to seekers of the truth, both at home and in missions. For more … Read More

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On Earth Peace

Greg Dyck. A study of contemporary nonresistance, aimed primarily at youth group study, yet interesting for all ages?both for group study and discussion, and for personal reading. Eight chapters; a Bible study outline and review and discussion questions are included. … Read More

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Good Stewards

An examination of our stewardship of time, possessions, talents, families, and much more. Includes questions and Scripture references for personal or group study. 80 pages; paper.

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