Forty-five songs. Selections chosen by Nolan Koehn, Michela Toews, Shannon Smith, and Yolanda Damen. This book includes their own songs as well as others. Nearly all are previously unpublished.

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Christmas Treasures

Compiled by Enos Stutzman. A collection of 316 Christmas songs. Paper with spiral binding; Stutzman.

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Whispers of Hope

30 songs, from Janarro or Tanya, except one from Loretta Smith. Songs have not been in other books.

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25 Favorite Stories from the Bible

Ura Miller. An inexpensive Bible story book for giving away. 56 pages; paper; TGS International.

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From the White House to the Amish

Thomas E. Kirkman grew up in a happy church-going family. He joined the military, worked in the Graphics and Calligraphy Office in the White House, and became a CIA agent. His life has led him to believe that God may not exist, but an encounter with an Amish man who shares the salvation story calls Tom to the Amish and back to God. 336 pages; paperback; TGS International

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No Turning Back

For Christians in northeast Nigeria, persecution in not just something of the distant past. It is terrifyingly real – today! The stories in this book are gripping and heartrending. People can be so cruel! But God is faithful, and Jesus said, “Neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.” This book is for mature readers. 256 pages; paperback; TGS International

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One Year Bible

The One Year Bible will make reading through the Bible in a year conveniently possible and easier to follow than a complicated reading chart. Each day’s reading has a portion of the Old Testament, the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. … Read More

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The Warrior’s Shield

Robbing rich barons and squires is dangerous, but Young Alaric wants the life of a highwayman. One day he meets a soldier of the King on a forest trail, and he and others are persuaded to visit the King’s castle. There, they learn the true meaning of life. (Sequel to Shining Sword and Song of the Trumpet; the author is a nephew of Charles Coleman.) 150 pages;; paperback; Zeezok Publishing.

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