Mountain Born

Elizabeth Yates. Peter grows up on a mountain farm. Benji, a wise old shepherd, teaches him to care for his own special lamb. As the lamb grows into her place as a leader in the flock, Peter also grows up … Read More

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American Haven

In this sequel to Swiss Holiday, Michael and Merry travel to America with their Uncle Tony during World War II. London is being bombarded, and their parents want them to take shelter across the Atlantic. They have many adventures with … Read More

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The Brickmakers

Rebecca Martin. This book continues the story of A Captain for Hans and tells of the group’s move to the Palatinate in Germany. Both books are historical novels. Interesting and meaningful for teenagers and adults. 191 pages; paper; Carlisle Press.

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A Captain for Hans

Rebecca Martin. The tumult of the Reformation has swept Switzerland, and Zwingli’s Reformed Church has wrested control of several cantons from the Catholic Church. A Captain for Hans brings the world of the persecuted Anabaptists in the 1630s to life. … Read More

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Thornton Burgess Series

Thornton Burgess series — Thornton Burgess’s delightful children’s ­stories, written in the early 1900s. The 32 titles available are: The Adventures of Billy Mink, Blacky the Crow, Bob White, Bobby Raccoon, Bowser the Hound, Buster Bear, Buster Bear’s Twins, Chatterer … Read More

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