The Finest Hours

Michael J. Tougias and Casey Sherman. During one of the worst nor’easters New England has ever seen, two oil tankers are broken in half, stranding the men onboard. Wild waves up to seventy feet high pummel the damaged ships. The … Read More

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A Storm Too Soon

In May of 2007, three veteran sailors set out on an voyage from Florida to France. But the trip soon turns into a nightmare when their sailboat is caught in the throes of a mighty storm. This is the story … Read More

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The Exiled Prince

Elizabeth Rice Handford. This retelling of the story of Daniel was carefully researched. This book will be enjoyed by children and Bible students of all ages. 112 pages; paper. Sword of the Lord.

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The Fugitive King

Elizabeth Rice Handford. The story of David, from childhood until he was crowned king of Israel. The story makes the adventures of David and his followers come alive and shows David’s devotion and trust in God through danger and adversity. … Read More

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A Song for Wooster – Happy Day Farm Series

Wooster is a little Silkie rooster, just hatched last spring. There are so many things to learn. But the hardest thing is to learn to sing the right thing! Read this book to see how Wooster learned! 18 pages; hardcover; TGS International.

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Bart the Bully Goat – Happy Day Farm Series

That goat is such a bully! He stomps on the kittens’ tails and takes the best berries from the other goats. He knocks the people over if they turn their back to him. Something must be done about that goat! Read this book to see how Bart learned a lesson. 22 pages; hardcover; TGS International.

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Blind Martha

Velina Showalter. When Martha is two years old, the doctor breaks the news that she will someday become blind. Follow Martha as she goes through school, finds a job, and rides a bike to work. Although Martha eventually becomes completely … Read More

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Clean Your Boots, Sir?

Anonymous. Robert practices integrity and honesty as a shoeblack boy in London. See how his godly values stand him in good stead through dark times and good times. This story will challenge all boys to do likewise. 119 pages; hardcover; … Read More

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Destination Africa: Into the Vast Savanna

Join Marcellus on an African safari to see many animals up close. Also learn facts about each animal and marvel at the variety of God’s creation. Hardcover; 92 pages.

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Inferno in the Lost Pines

Conditions were extra dry and hot that year of 2011 in Bastrop, Texas. A few sparks on a windy day began a major fire, and in its path were many homes nestled among the loblolly pines. Despite firefighters’ best efforts, … Read More

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