The Lewis and Clark Expedition

This book presents the story of the amazing Lewis and Clark expedition in an interesting way at a reading level appropriate for younger students. It details the planning needed before heading out, tells of hardships faced on the way, contains … Read More

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A True Friend

Bethany Hurst; lower-grade. “Sold!” The auctioneer shouted. Lighting, a black pony with white socks and a blaze was led away from the sales tent. This book has color illustrations and is suitable for beginning readers. Silverline Publishing; paperback.

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Mrs. Monty and the Birds

Marian M. Schoolland. Gus and Marcia Palmer are vacationing at a small lake cottage with their parents. They befriend a lonely lady who lives next door. Mrs. Monty knows a lot about birds and shares her knowledge with Gus and … Read More

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The Pony Cart Adventure

Elva Hurst. Read Elva’s first-person account of a summer day on the farm and two young girls’ trip to the store by themselves in a pony cart. A storm adds a big challenge on the way home. 64 pages; paper; … Read More

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Then Comes Spring

Elva Hurst. A lunch box exchange at school, a pet lamb, fresh strawberries, a playful pet raccoon, a birthday celebration—Elva’s spring is filled with many good things. And she made it through fifth grade arithmetic, too. 72 pages; paper; Silver … Read More

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When School Bells Call

Elva Hurst. This book is filled with the adventures of walking to school, a “food roll” for the teacher, autumn harvest days on the farm, staying after school to help the teacher clean, and squirrel hunting. 72 pages; paper; Silver … Read More

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Blaze and Thunderbolt

C. W. Anderson. Billy and his pony Blaze head out to the western ranch country for a vacation. There they learn about Thunderbolt, a fast, elusive wild horse. Cowboys cannot catch Thunderbolt, but with a kind and gentle approach, Blaze … Read More

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Tales From Maple Ridge: Logan Pryce Makes a Mess

Grace Gilmore. Tales from Maple Ridge Series, Book 1. The Pryce family lives happily on their own farm. Eight-year-old Logan has his own “Fix-It Shop” in a stall in the barn. One sad day Dad tells them he must get … Read More

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They’re Off! The Story of the Pony Express

In 1860, with North and South about to be divided by war, East and West were united through an extraordinary venture—the Pony Express. Over the course of ten days in April, eighty riders and five hundred horses delivered mail between … Read More

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The Finest Hours

Michael J. Tougias and Casey Sherman. During one of the worst nor’easters New England has ever seen, two oil tankers are broken in half, stranding the men onboard. Wild waves up to seventy feet high pummel the damaged ships. The … Read More

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