Jasper’s Secret – Green Meadow Series

This is a true story about a lively growing pup and a baby Miniature Mediterranean donkey. They were each lonely with no one to play with, until they found each other! 31 pages; hardcover; TGS International.

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Life in a Global Village

Gary Miller. Our perspective of wealth and what we need to live is affected by the people around us. What if the world population were shrunk to a village of 100 people, and you lived in that village? How would … Read More

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Life in the Woods

A picture book for preschoolers. What do we find in the woods? Look closely and you will see many creatures – great and small. Hardcover, 45 pages.

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Little Pony – Green Meadow Series

This is a true story about a little pony who rode in a trailer for a long time to a new place. Everything was new and scary. But he soon made friends with the new people and animals, and he had many good times. 40 pages; hardcover; TGS International.

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Nelly’s Dark Days

This old classic was originally printed in 1870. It gives a picture of how many people in Liverpool and other cities were caught in the grip of drunkeness and poverty. Nelly’s father is a hopeless drunkard, whose negligence cost the … Read More

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They Would Not Be Moved

Harvey Yoder. A book about Christians living under communism. Here are experiences of young people commanded to join the army or show loyalty to the state. Read about parents who were pulled away from their family and thrown into prison. … Read More

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This Side of the Global Wall

Gary Miller. Using charts, pictures, and efficient prose, this book brings some statistics into sharp focus. It shows how much of the world’s wealth is concentrated among a few people and how much Americans spend on their pets, lawns, hunting, … Read More

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Wonders in the Sea

Part of the “Nature Discoveries with Uncle Mike” series, this book of colorful photos and clear text will introduce school age children to some amazing creatures of the sea. How strange some look! How do they get their food? Young children will enjoy this book. 44 pages; hardcover; TGS International.

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Pancho’s Good News

Vicki Unruh. A story from Mexico for children. Pancho’s family is visited by the missionaries. Their lives are changed, and home becomes a happy place. A good, wholesome book to ­acquaint children with life and friends south of the border. … Read More

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Flicka, Ricka, Dicka Bake a Cake

Maj Lindman. One day the girls went into the woods to pick wild strawberries. Learn to know the new friends they found after they discovered they were lost. Paper; Albert Whitman & Company.

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