El Hogar Cristiano

(The Christian Home) Reuben Koehn. Sound scriptural teaching on home life and the nurture of children. Topics covered are the home, the parents, the child, mental and social development, discipline, adolescence, youth, and more. 132 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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El Progreso del Peregrino

(Pilgrim’s Progress) John Bunyan. The immortal story of Christian as he leaves the City of Destruction and embarks on a journey which has provided inspiration to countless believers since it was penned in a prison cell many years ago. 169 pages; paper; Editorial Mundo Hispano.

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Siete Necesidades Básicas del Niño

(Seven Things Children Need) John M. Drescher. The seven things addressed in this book are significance, security, ­acceptance, love, praise, discipline, and God. Helpful to parents, the material is presented clearly in an interesting, easy-to-read way. 128 pages; paper; Casa … Read More

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Tell Me the Stories of Jesus – Spanish

Caleb Crider; illustrated by Alex Brover. This Bible story book has 70 short stories about Jesus. The stories are written in simple, clear language that children can understand. Each story is illustrated with beautiful artwork that will help impress upon young minds that Jesus is a caring, understanding, and trustworthy friend. Three questions for family discussion follow each story. 145 pages; hardcover.

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102 Sermones Inspiradores

(102 Devotional Sermonettes) An inspirational book written especially for devotional times. 231 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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Conversion, Consagracion, y Servicio Cristiano

(Conversion, Consecration, and Christlike Service) Marjorie Hiebert. Written and dedicated to youth, encouraging greater service and dedication to the Master, but is a beneficial message for any age. 93 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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Un cordón de tres dobleces

A Threefold Cord (Spanish). In this book about marriage and the home, God’s plan for husband-wife relationships is taught in a clear, interesting manner. Included are chapters about preparing for marriage; the beginnings of a happy home; the husband’s role … Read More

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El Martir de las Catacumbas

(Martyr of the Catacombs) In this tale of ancient Rome, a young Roman soldier is assigned to find and arrest Christians. This exciting record reveals the sacrifice of early Christians and the impression they made on Roman minds. 159 pages; … Read More

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El Progreso del Peregrino Ilustrado

(Pilgrim’s Progress Illustrated) John Bunyan. With illustrations. 254 pages; paper; Kregel.

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En el Vientre de la Ballena

(In the Whale’s Belly) James Lowry. Stories retold from the Martyrs Mirror of believers who were imprisoned and suf-fered for their faith. 121 pages; paper; Lamp and Light

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