102 Sermones Inspiradores

(102 Devotional Sermonettes) An inspirational book written especially for devotional times. 231 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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Tito, Companero de la Cruz

(Titus, a Comrade of the Cross) Florence M. Kingsley. A moving account which portrays Titus as the penitent thief crucified with Christ. 180 pages; paper; Lamp and Light Publishers.

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Mis amigos de la Biblia

(My Bible Friends) Etta B. Degering. This five-volume set is excellent for acquainting small children with familiar Bible stories. Hardcover; Pacific Press.

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Junto a Aguas de Reposo, Volumen 2

(Beside the Still Waters Volume 2) A devotional book with a Bible reading and a short, inspirational writing for each day of the year. A one-year Bible reading plan is included. 370 pages; paper; Vision Publishers.

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El Progreso del Peregrino

(Pilgrim’s Progress) John Bunyan. The immortal story of Christian as he leaves the City of Destruction and embarks on a journey which has provided inspiration to countless believers since it was penned in a prison cell many years ago. 169 pages; paper; Editorial Mundo Hispano.

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El Hogar Cristiano

(The Christian Home) Reuben Koehn. Sound scriptural teaching on home life and the nurture of children. Topics covered are the home, the parents, the child, mental and social development, discipline, adolescence, youth, and more. 132 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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