Light in My Window

Compiled and published by Carmen Swarey, Dorothy Good and Gina Ensz. 40 songs.

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Triumph Song

Thirty-two songs compiled by Todd Benner. Composers include Todd Benner, Kyle Barkman, Linda Unruh and Roger Swarey. Paperback.

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Old Tyme Gospel Singing

Favorite songs of yesteryear compiled by Richard Mininger. 148 songs; paperback.

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Music in My Soul

Twenty-five songs composed by Starla Goucher Koehn. Paperback.

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He Brought Back the Spring

Forty-two songs, nearly all composed by Loren Burns

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Strength and Song Book 4

Strength and Song 4 is another collection of songs by Geraldine Koehn. Some have been previously published, but many of them are new. Most of the songs in this book are Geraldine’s. Paperback with coil binding; 99 songs.

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Great Inspirational Songs

Edited and Compiled by Albert E Brumley. 325 old favorite songs from the mid-1900s. Paperback.

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Homesick for Heaven

Thirty-six songs compiled by Evan Kramer. This book includes songs from a number of composers. Some titles included: “In the Heart of You,” “My Oasis” and “Oh, What A Joy.” Paperback.

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Daybreak, Volume II

Forty-four songs from forty composers. From daybreak to nightfall, these songs are meant to brighten your path with music and inspiration. Paperback; Daybreak Music Publishers.

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Adventures in Song C1 (Grades 5&6)

Book C1 is the first of a planned series of music books for grades 1-8. Twenty-eight lessons aimed at 5th & 6th-grade students with a focus on rhythm. Many of the concepts and practice exercises are taught with songs printed … Read More

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