Awake, My Soul

Forty-three songs from the following authors and composers: Austin Dirks, Bryce Dirks, Cherith Lehman, Dorene Dirks, Gina Ensz, Jed Buerge, Jenny Koehn, Joel Koehn, Les Dirks, Maxine Schartner, Patrick Zimmerman, Robyn Wedel, Rudy Bueckert, Savanna Unruh. Published by Les Dirks.

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Well Wie Emol Sinje – Plautdietsch Songs

Compiled by Levi and Margaret Banman. Plautdietsch (Low German) songbook. 44 songs including well-known hymns and more recent songs. Shaped notes.

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Made to Praise

37 songs; 25 written by Charlene Friesen, and 12 written by other songwriters. Paperback.

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Strength and Song Book 5

Strength and Song 5 is another collection of songs by Geraldine Koehn. Most of the songs in this book are Geraldine’s. Paperback with coil binding; 99 songs.

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Adventures in Song C2 (Grades 5&6)

Adventures in Song C2 contains twenty-eight lessons aimed at 5th and 6th grade students, with a focus on harmony. Many of the concepts and practice exercises are taught with songs printed in the student book. Full color; coil bound; 101 … Read More

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Hymns and Spiritual Songs of the Christian Apostolic Church

Hymns and Spiritual songs of the Christian Apostolic Church in shape notes is a 2020 reprint of 33 songs. The book contains selections from Zion’s Harp and Heft in English. Paperback.

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Heaven in My Heart

Thirty-two songs compiled and published by Michael Peachey. Contains Michael’s songs and a few songs by other composers. Paperback.

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Our Hymns of Praise

A collection of 226 songs and choruses for children with a focus on using these songs to help teach music in school. This book is referred to extensively in the Music Teacher’s Guide. This book could also be used in … Read More

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The Star of Bethlehem (songbook)

First published in 1889 by Ruebush, Kieffer & Co. Publishers, this songbook was republished in 1969 with revisions by John C. Rhodes and Joseph G. Beery. It contains some familiar hymns and tunes and some very old. The front of … Read More

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All for Jesus

Forty-three songs, nearly all composed by Valerie Boese. Paperback.

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