Made to Praise

37 songs; 25 written by Charlene Friesen, and 12 written by other songwriters. Paperback.

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Strength & Song Book 5

Strength and Song 5 is another collection of songs by Geraldine Koehn. Most of the songs in this book are Geraldine’s. Paperback with coil binding; 99 songs.

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Adventures in Song C2 (Grades 5&6)

Adventures in Song C2 contains twenty-eight lessons aimed at 5th and 6th grade students, with a focus on harmony. Many of the concepts and practice exercises are taught with songs printed in the student book. Full color; coil bound; 101 … Read More

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Hymns and Spiritual Songs of the Christian Apostolic Church

Hymns and Spiritual songs of the Christian Apostolic Church in shape notes is a 2020 reprint of 33 songs. The book contains selections from Zion’s Harp and Heft in English. Paperback.

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Heaven in My Heart

Thirty-two songs compiled and published by Michael Peachey. Contains Michael’s songs and a few songs by other composers. Paperback.

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Our Hymns of Praise

A collection of 226 songs and choruses for children with a focus on using these songs to help teach music in school. This book is referred to extensively in the Music Teacher’s Guide. This book could also be used in … Read More

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The Star of Bethlehem

First published in 1889 by Ruebush, Kieffer & Co. Publishers, this songbook was republished in 1969 with revisions by John C. Rhodes and Joseph G. Beery. It contains some familiar hymns and tunes and some very old. The front of … Read More

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All for Jesus

Forty-three songs, nearly all composed by Valerie Boese. Paperback.

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Faithful: Songs of Inspiration and Praise

53 songs by a variety of song writers and composers. 128 pages; paperback; Tennessee Music and Printing.

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Daybreak, Volume III

Forty-four songs from 28 composers. From daybreak to nightfall, these songs are meant to brighten your path with music and inspiration. Paperback; Daybreak Music Publishers; 14844.

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