Mother, Home, Happiness, Heaven

Alfreda Nightingale. An inspirational book packed with poems, quotes, and little gems about mother, home, happiness, and heaven. A delightful book that mothers and many others will love. 120 pages; paper; Nightingale.

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As the Hart Panteth

Elo Bowman. This is a good collection of inspirational poems, one for each day of the year. Topics vary widely and include spiritual themes, family fun, nature, stories that teach a lesson, etc. 399 pages; paper; Vineyard Publications.

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A Collection of Poems

Glenn Litwiller. These poems are a clear, well-written testimony of Min. Glenn Litwiller’s convictions and are timely and inspiring. 32 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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Poems for Meditation

Anyone who enjoys poetry will find this book an inspiration. The selections were written by members of the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite. The book is sent forth with a prayer that all who read it will be inspired … Read More

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The Hammer and the Square

Tim Koehn. A third book of poetry and prose sharing insights from his experiences in life. 52 pages; paper; Koehn.

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Thoughts to Treasure

Frank Unruh. Poems and inspirations of the late Min. Frank Unruh. Over 200 poems on a variety of subjects from a forty-year span of his life. 248 pages; paper; Becker.

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East of Paradise and Other Poems

Collected and edited by Judy Ann Unruh. A quality book of poetry written by Judy Unruh and others. These poems gracefully tell of the trials and triumphs common to all. 112 pages; paper; Exaltations Publications.

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Lions Beyond the Lattice

Judy Ann Unruh. Some of the poems have religious themes; others depict nature and human nature. These lively poems will be enjoyed by lovers of good poetry. 96 pages; paper; Exaltations Publications. OUT OF PRINT

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Fireside Poems

Favorite poems collected by Richard Mininger, with a few of his own compositions. Sections in this book include “Nature,” “God, Jesus, and Salvation,” “Home and Family,” “Character, Courage, Conscience,” “Warning and Judgment,” “Mission,” and “Stories with a Moral.” 144 pages; … Read More

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From Joy to Joy

Compiled by Sheila Petre. This book is a compilation of little poems and inspirations that were put together in memory of a little girl who was killed in an accident. It tells a little about what happened to this girl. … Read More

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