Un cordón de tres dobleces

A Threefold Cord (Spanish). In this book about marriage and the home, God’s plan for husband-wife relationships is taught in a clear, interesting manner. Included are chapters about preparing for marriage; the beginnings of a happy home; the husband’s role … Read More

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Today May Be Later Than We Think

A study of end-time prophecy and the book of Revelation. Originally published in 1985, the message seems perhaps more relevant today than when first published. 298 pages; paperback; Gospel Publishers.

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A Treatise on Magistracy and War

John Holdeman. An article taken from the Mirror of Truth, giving a scriptural basis for the doctrines of nonresistance and the separation of church and state. This booklet is a handy size for personal and group study. 76 pages; paper; … Read More

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The United Undivided Church of God

Claes Ganlof. Written in the late 1500s, translated by Titus B. Hoover. It was the wish of John Holdeman that this book be translated into English. The author calls it an “explanation from the Holy Scripture, how the church of … Read More

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Vbs G10 Living the New Testament

Ten lessons of doctrinal nature. Topics include the early church, the Holy Spirit, justification, the sacraments, the joys of Christian living, and more. 36 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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