Song Index bundle – 2010 & 2017

A bundle of the 2010 printed index plus the 2017 Song Index. The 2010 Song Index lists the titles of about 28,000 songs from almost 700 songbooks and has 322 pages. Softcover binding. The 2017 Song Index supplement includes indexes for 47 … Read More

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Song Index 2020 on CD

Enter the title of a song or some words from the first line to find the songbooks with the nearest match. The 2020 version contains about 32,450 entries from 714 songbooks. The Song Index 2020 program will install on the … Read More

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Beyond the Veil

Donald and Aleene Koehn. A book of memories and inspirations from the authors’ many years of mission work in Africa. This book offers a look at the beginnings and growth of the church in Nigeria and includes accounts about other … Read More

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The Hammer and the Square

Tim Koehn. A third book of poetry and prose sharing insights from his experiences in life. 52 pages; paper; Koehn.

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Tomorrow in Your Hand

Fifty songs written by Darrell Koehn and published by his family. Included are many familiar songs and some previously unpublished. Paperback; Koehn.

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Broadening Horizons

This book recounts the author’s personal experiences of 1-W service in Roseburg, Oregon. In addition to the day-to-day experiences related to CPS life, we are reminded of and given some history concerning the military draft and the provisions graciously provided … Read More

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Following the Storm

Experiences of the author while working with Christian Disaster Relief and in Christian Public Service units. Included are experiences involving CDR and CPS work in West Virginia, Saragosa and Palestine, Texas, Arizona, South Carolina, Jamaica, Nicaragua, various locales in Canada, … Read More

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Treasures Money Can’t Buy

Dallas Koehn. This book is like a patchwork quilt, with some of this and some of that. The author tells many experiences from his own life and the lives of his ancestors and his descendants. The stories cover different times, … Read More

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Strength and Song Book 2

Compiled by Geraldine Koehn, this songbook includes many of her own songs. Approximately 90 of these songs are not in Geraldine’s previous songbooks. 181 songs.

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Strength and Song Book 3

Compiled by Geraldine Koehn. This book contains mostly new songs written in recent years and several songs not written by Geraldine. 98 songs; coil binding.

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