The Shining Sword

An absorbing allegory of a young man who becomes a soldier in the army of the King. Lanus learns to fight using the weapons the King has provided for him, especially his shield and sword. The more he uses his … Read More

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Song of the Trumpet

A sequel to The Shining Sword. This is an allegory of how God calls a soul to be one of His soldiers and how the evil forces try to stop obedience to that call. The main character, Akara, finds that … Read More

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Wall Map, Congregations of the United States and Canada

A color map showing the location of congregations in the U.S. and Canada. 24 x 31 inches. Note: This item may not be sent via the economy shipping method.

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Sweetie Pie’s Kitchen

Sweetie Pie’s Kitchen is a collection of more than 650 recipes, diaries and collected quotes from the plain people. Those who enjoy reading cookbooks will want to add this one to their collection. Published by Ray & Malinda Yutzy; spiral … Read More

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Adoniram Judson: Bound for Burma

Janet and Geoff Benge. The son of a Congregational minister in Colonial America, Adoniram Judson was exceptionally gifted. While in school he forsook the religious teaching of his childhood only to find his beliefs shaken by the dramatic death of … Read More

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Ben Carson

Janet and Geoff Benge. Young Ben Carson had a tough start in life. His mother’s motto was to always do your best, and she taught Ben and his brother that reading books was the way to learn. Through some difficult … Read More

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Cell 58

Dan Baumann. Dan and his friend Glenn enter Iran with the thought of sharing the love of Jesus with the common people. They are intercepted by the Iranian authorities and thrown into prison. What purpose does God have in this? … Read More

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Orville Wright

This is the story of Orville Wright, who, together with his brother Wilbur, pursued the idea of powered flight. They operated with careful observation, perseverance, and ingenuity. By trial and error they worked through problems one by one until that … Read More

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Thomas Edison

Janet & Geoff Benge. This book tells the story of Thomas Edison’s life, from when he was a young lad inadvisably playing with fire until he became a renowned inventor. This well-researched book tells the story without covering up his … Read More

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The Warrior’s Shield

Robbing rich barons and squires is dangerous, but Young Alaric wants the life of a highwayman. One day he meets a soldier of the King on a forest trail, and he and others are persuaded to visit the King’s castle. There, they learn the true meaning of life. (Sequel to Shining Sword and Song of the Trumpet; the author is a nephew of Charles Coleman.) 150 pages;; paperback; Zeezok Publishing.

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