ABS Children’s Bible Hardcover with pictures

ABS Spanish Bible. Suitable for children. Hardcover with a picture of Jesus and children on the front. Includes full-color illustrations throughout the text. Black letter only. Subject headings are found within the chapters. Six maps. Page size is 8 1/4 … Read More

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Pennsylvania Dutch / English Bible simulated leather

Text in English is printed beside the Deitsh for easy comparison. The Pennsylvania Deitsh text is translated from Masoretic Hebrew Old Testament text and Textus Receptus Greek New Testament. The English text is King James Version. A free Deitsh primer, … Read More

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ABS Spanish Large Print Bible, Bonded Leather, index

Black-letter only, 14 point type, end-of-verse references, maps, does not have concordance. Page size is 8¼ x 5¼ in.; thickness is 1 3/8 in. Bonded Leather. 1960 Reina-Valera edition. Thumb-index only.

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Holman Spanish Hand Size Giant Print Bible

Holman, hand-size edition with concordance, words of Christ in red, end-of-verse references, and more. Page size is 5⅜ x 7⅞ in.; thickness is 1¼ in. Black bonded leather. 1960 Reina-Valera edition. 0634 Regular, 11048 8848 Indexed, 11049

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Bb Portuguese HC (Trinitarian Bible Society)

A Biblia Sagrada, Portuguese Bible. Black letter edition, text only with no references and only a very concise glossary. Page size is 8½ x 5⅜ in.; thickness is 1⅛ in. Hardcover.

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Pennsylvania Dutch-English New Testament with Psalms

Es Nei Teshtament. A parallel New Testament with the Pennsylvania Dutch in the center columns and the KJV in the outside columns of each page. The Psalms and Proverbs are also included in Pennsylvania Dutch only. Includes three Bible maps. … Read More

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German/English Bible, Old Style Script

A parallel Bible containing the Old and New Testaments in English and German. The King James Version is on the left page and German Luther 1912 text on the right page. The German text is in old-style Gothic script. Center … Read More

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De Bibel, The Bible in Plautdietsch (Low German)

The Bible in Plautdietsch (Low German). Old and New Testaments. In-line verse references and subject headings. Black Letter only, includes a glossary of names and places in the Bible, black and white maps. Hardcover; United Bible Societies and Kindred Publications.

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Holman Span/Eng Bilingual Bible, Bonded, Indexed

Complete texts of 1960 Reina-Valera Spanish Bible and King James Version English Bibles side by side. Words of Christ in red. Page size is 6 5/16 x 9¼ in.; thickness is 1¼ in.

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Holman Span/Eng Bilingual Bible, Bonded Leather

Complete texts of 1960 Reina-Valera Spanish Bible and King James Version English Bibles side by side. Words of Christ in red. Page size is 6 5/16 x 9¼ in.; thickness is 1¼ in.

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