Boyhood and Beyond

With practical understanding, the author addresses essential issues related to developing godly character as boys transition into manhood. Wisdom and common sense are gleaned from short chapters covering topics such as authority, inventiveness, and honesty as well as overcoming fear, laziness, and temptation. Easy reading for teenagers. 219 pages.

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Dewdrops in the Garden

From the heart of an avid gardener, a unique women’s devotional book that is inspirational in every season. Includes a generous sprinkling of gardening and flower-growing tips.

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Hearing God in Ordinary Days

More than 100 daily devotionals for women – and especially for mothers. Chapter titles include, “Backbiter’s Bite,” “Mothering Ten-Year-Old Boys,” and “License Plate Curiosity.” 239 pages; paperback.

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Leaning Toward the Light

In this devotional book for women, the author shares experiences from her life and the lives of others. The topics are varied, with a focus on seeking God and fellowship with Christian friends as a way of finding joy in difficult places. Ninety-nine devotionals; each notes a related scripture to read. 207 pages; paperback.

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Paws on my Porch

This collection of short stories draws life lessons from the antics of Drover the dog, Moses the cat, and other familiar creatures. Biblical truths are applied in a lively and engaging format. Suitable for family devotions, each reading includes a selected Bible reading. Some stories are accompanied by a song to fit the topic as well. Note of interest: by the author of “Shaking Hands with Mr. Parkinson.” 150 pages; paperback.

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Joy in the City

Berniece Penner. Relates the experiences of the beginning of the mission work in New York City. A warm, interesting account that will let you feel like you were there to see and feel the progress. 192 pages; paper; Penner.

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More Tea Leaves

Here is a second collection of devotional meditations written by a dozen women and compiled by Nancy Stutzman. They share about joy and fellowship, weaknesses and struggles, and walking with Christ in everyday life. 376 pages; paper; Christian Light Publications.

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Threads from His Hem

Margaret Penner Toews. Threads of insight the author has gathered on her journey. She shares them with us to commit ourselves to our Savior in practical, down-to-earth ways. The threads are common and not hard to follow to their Source. … Read More

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Through the Scent of Water

Margaret Penner Toews. A devotional book for women that is a proven best-seller. Sharing insights gleaned on her own spiritual journey and those of others, Margaret has written of laughter, pain, prayer, and precept. Using anecdote and analogy, the book’s … Read More

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Be Still My Soul

Elisabeth Elliot. Chapters deal with our purpose here and how to live at peace with God and oneself. Trust and obedience are held out as a standard to live by as we endeavor to walk the way of holiness with … Read More

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