Dewdrops in the Garden

From the heart of an avid gardener, a unique women’s devotional book that is inspirational in every season. Includes a generous sprinkling of gardening and flower-growing tips.

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Learning Families: Spiritual Lessons from Bible Animals

Each of the thirteen sections in this excellent family devotional book focuses on animals from the Bible. Each day’s lesson consists of two parts. The first part is especially for Dad and Mom and older children. It includes a suggested scripture reading, a theme verse, and a devotional meditation on the topic. The second part consists of a reading from a children’s story related to that week’s theme. Each story is followed by questions, which provide opportunities for applying the theme to life. 360 pages; paperback.

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Daily Truth for Godly Youth

The goal of this devotional book is to call youth to be more like Christ in their everyday lives. Both teens and adults will enjoy a refreshing look at practical Christian living in the captivating illustrations and challenging comments. 365 … Read More

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Joy in the City

Berniece Penner. Relates the experiences of the beginning of the mission work in New York City. A warm, interesting account that will let you feel like you were there to see and feel the progress. 192 pages; paper; Penner.

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More Tea Leaves

Here is a second collection of devotional meditations written by a dozen women and compiled by Nancy Stutzman. They share about joy and fellowship, weaknesses and struggles, and walking with Christ in everyday life. 376 pages; paper; Christian Light Publications.

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Threads from His Hem

Margaret Penner Toews. Threads of insight the author has gathered on her journey. She shares them with us to commit ourselves to our Savior in practical, down-to-earth ways. The threads are common and not hard to follow to their Source. … Read More

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Through the Scent of Water

Margaret Penner Toews. A devotional book for women that is a proven best-seller. Sharing insights gleaned on her own spiritual journey and those of others, Margaret has written of laughter, pain, prayer, and precept. Using anecdote and analogy, the book’s … Read More

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Be Still My Soul

Elisabeth Elliot. Chapters deal with our purpose here and how to live at peace with God and oneself. Trust and obedience are held out as a standard to live by as we endeavor to walk the way of holiness with … Read More

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Elisabeth Elliot. Being a disciple means answering yes to God’s call, gladly surrendering yourself to the Master’s orders. Discover how to place every aspect of your life under God’s authority and find happiness and freedom there. This book explores discipline … Read More

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Keep a Quiet Heart

Elisabeth Elliot. Keep a Quiet Heart is a compilation of essays taken from a series of newsletters that Elizabeth Elliot wrote. The subject matter is wide and varied including grief, child training, and the sovereignty of God. The essays are … Read More

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