Dewdrops in the Garden

From the heart of an avid gardener, a unique women’s devotional book that is inspirational in every season. Includes a generous sprinkling of gardening and flower-growing tips.

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Discovering My Place

Most new brides crave a vibrant marriage that remains unruffled despite the storms of life, but some will find themselves on a path of disappointment. The author set out to find the answers to lasting love, and as she studied, talked, and prayed, she discovered a place where surrender leads to grace, and grace leads to joy. A devotional book for women.

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George Müller: The Guardian of Bristol’s Orphans

George Muller was an unhappy, rebellious youth, but was converted to Christianity before he married. After marriage, he opened his home to hungry orphans despite scarcely having enough to feed himself. With God providing for them, the Müller house became known as the “Breakfast Club” for thirty orphans. Eventually, he would give homes to over ten thousand children.

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Light Side Dark Side

Shari Beth cared for everybody she met in Haiti, from those whose wounds she bandaged to the souls trapped in Satan worship. This book opens a window into Haitian culture and shows the contrast between God’s power and the power of darkness.

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Moscow Express and Other Stories from Russia

Moscow Express is the last book written by Georgi Vins before he succumbed to the inoperable tumor that took his life. The manuscript was finished on his deathbed. These true stories, essays, and letters from the author and his fellow countrymen leave a beautiful testimony of courage, faith, and the saving power of Jesus Christ in Communist Russia.

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The Titanic Tragedy: Stories from the Mighty Titanic

Each chapter in this book is a story from the tragic sinking of the Titanic. The author uses this account to draw a parallel theme to Christian life and eternal destiny. This book is a plea to the reader to come to God before it is too late.

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A Flame Forever Bright

Claudia Esh. The story of Dirk Willems rescuing his pursuer who fell through the ice is one of the best-known stories in the Martyrs Mirror. However, almost nothing is known about Willems’s life prior to his arrest and being burned … Read More

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A Reason to Hope

Laura Smucker. What will sustain little Mira Kalinowski and her family when they return to find their former home reduced to a pile of bricks during World War II? The emotional scars of war permanently mark this Polish family. As … Read More

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Conversion, Consecration, Christlike Service

Marjorie Hiebert. A book written for and dedicated to youth, encouraging greater service and dedication to the Master, but is a beneficial message for any age. 93 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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Elena: Strengthened Through Trials

Harvey Yoder. Born into a poor Christian family in communist Romania, Elena experiences harsh treatment at a state boarding school, harassment from authorities for helping in secret Bible distribution, all for her faith. Elena finally decides to flee her home … Read More

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