The Girl with Nine Lives

A candid personal memoir describing the first 18 years of the author’s life, which began in foster care until she was adopted by a hardworking couple of faith. The book explores her experiences growing up on a farm, her struggles … Read More

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Racial tensions had long simmered in Benton Harbor, a small city on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, before the day a white narcotics officer—more focused on arrests than justice—set his sights on an innocent black man. But when officer … Read More

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A Penny Parcel

Ashley knows only the orphanage until she is sent to live temporarily with a family. Other people don’t know that the father drinks and beats the children, but it leaves physical and emotional scars. Back at the orphanage, Ashley keeps … Read More

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A Tale of Three Kings

What do you do when someone throws a spear at you? In somewhat allegorical fashion, this book examines what it means to let God do his work in you when a trusted leader or fellow Christian has caused hurt. It … Read More

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The Return of the Light

This book presents the Bible accounts to the present-day reader with great clarity. The articles are mostly Bible history and character study, with some devotional items. You will find this book inspiring. 188 pages; paperback.

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Nobody’s Boy

As a child, Obando observes his dark-haired, brown-skinned schoolmates and compares their appearance to his own blond hair and blue eyes. His longing to know who he is sends him on a journey that you don’t want to miss. 232 … Read More

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Speaking from the Heart

“Speaking from the Heart” contains heartfelt essays on topics relevant to all Christians. Spiritual battles, illness, tragic death, and many everyday subjects are spoken of openly and in a down-to-earth way that will touch the heart. A common theme throughout … Read More

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Hills of Zion – Study Guide

The study guide will enhance the reader’s understanding of “Hills of Zion” by providing historical insights, highlighting literary ploys, and illuminating spiritual symbolism. The guide is intended for use with Bible study groups, homeschoolers, and high school literature classes. Questions … Read More

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Chuma and Chuma Finds a Baby

This book includes two stories. Chuma wants to learn about Jesus, but her father, the witch doctor, does not let her go to Sunday school. Read how her hate for her sister turns to love. One day she finds a … Read More

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Farm Boy and Prison Walls

James Wenger grew up on a typical Stauffer Mennonite family farm during the Great Depression. During the Korean War, James is drafted. He is shocked when his request for conscientious objector status is not granted and he is sentenced to … Read More

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