Called to Be a Soldier

This book tells the experiences of conscientious objectors in Canada during World War II. It details their lives in the camps where they performed alternative service instead of joining the army. Most of the boys were from Ontario, and they first served at the Montreal River Camp, clearing land for the Trans-Canada Highway. Later some were transferred to forestry camps in British Columbia to fight forest fires and plant trees. Copies of letters to and from government officials are included, as well as some letters from church leaders. Although the practices of the different faiths vary from what we practice, this book gives a good picture of what CO camp life was like. 519 pages; paperback; Vineyard Publications.

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Distant Shores

As a young Amish man in 1969, Ivan Weaver left for Alaska to become a hunting guide with the world-famous Pinnell & Talifson outfitters. For 2 1/2 years he lived “the Dream” in the wilds, guiding men as they hunted huge Kodiak brown bears. This book details many fine adventures of that life. But Ivan began to be troubled. “What is the meaning of life?” “Do I have a foundation?” he wondered. He finally decided he must return to his roots and his church. 243 pages; paper; Weaver.

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In My Father’s House

This is the story of the early life of Corrie Ten Boom, before World War II and her work with sheltering Jews. Corrie was a timid girl when young. She grew up in a busy household with several siblings, a number of aunts, and her devoted father and mother. As she got older she reached out to others, helping form girls’ camps for activities and learning about the Lord. Later still, her family took in children who needed a home. Fast paced and alternately humorous and sobering, it makes for interesting reading. 197 pages; paperback; Lighthouse Trails Publishing.

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Later On

The songs in this book were written over the past 60 years. Some have been previously published in Precious Promises and Fireside Songs while others are published here for the first time. Several songs are accompanied with the “story” behind their inspiration. (Additional background to some of these is in the book “Wide Open Road” by John R Toews.) Paperback.

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Light from Heaven

Joseph Armstrong’s father showed little concern for his wife and children. Work came first. Praise was a foreign language. All the while, he portrayed himself as flawlessly pious to those outside the family, making his home a potential hotbed for bitterness. But a devout mother bridged the gap – loving, teaching, and praying for her children. Her prayers were heard; Joseph’s heavenly Father helped him rise above his circumstances to a life of purpose. 537 pages; paperback.

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My Other Name Is Mom

It is wonderful to be called Mom, but it is also challenging and can be overwhelming. This book is about embracing the realities of godly motherhood and godly marriage. It is full of practical advice and not impossible ideals. In the context of God’s plan for families, this book looks at how cultural changes affect us, and the realities of tears and tantrums, discouragement, and exhaustion. A good read for all Christian mothers. 138 pages; paperback.

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No Turning Back

For Christians in northeast Nigeria, persecution in not just something of the distant past. It is terrifyingly real – today! The stories in this book are gripping and heartrending. People can be so cruel! But God is faithful, and Jesus said, “Neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.” This book is for mature readers. 256 pages; paperback; TGS International

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Plain Folks in CPS Camps

Until WWII, nonresistant Christians were not exempt from the draft and boot camp. In 1941, churches negotiated with the government to set up CPS camps. Peace-loving boys traveled far from home to work, serving several years without wages. Digging postholes, fighting forest fires, and working in mental hospitals, they served their fellow man instead of going to war. 184 pages; paperback; Fisher.

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Quiero Cantar

Thirty Spanish songs, previously unpublished, and not translated from English songs.

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Teacher’s Manual

Contains the answers for the exercises in the Our Bible Heritage student book. The teacher will also want a copy of the student book. 23 pages; spiral-bound; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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