25 Favorite Stories from the Bible

Ura Miller. An inexpensive Bible story book for giving away. 56 pages; paper; TGS International.

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Come to the Manger

A collection of Christmas carols compiled by PrairieView Press. In this book you will find some songs that are hundreds of years old, some translated traditional carols from other lands, some well-known favorites, and some recently composed carols. None of … Read More

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Echoes of Christmas No. 1

89 English and five German songs.

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Echoes of Christmas No. 2

135 songs. Paper; Prairieview Press.

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Journey into His Heart

Julie Mazelin. A devotional for young women. Based on the Gospel of St. John, this book is not only for girls! It is for any woman who wants to see Jesus’s love in a new way and understand more of … Read More

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Mighty Men: The Starter’s Guide to Leading Your Family

John Crotts.A small book directed to husbands and fathers. This book is not deep or formal but contains principles every man must apply for success in his home. The writer likens the husband’s and father’s roles to the general manager … Read More

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One Year Bible

The One Year Bible will make reading through the Bible in a year conveniently possible and easier to follow than a complicated reading chart. Each day’s reading has a portion of the Old Testament, the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. … Read More

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Singing My Way to Heaven

Compiled by Larissa Penner and Jill Penner. 31 songs; paper; Penner.

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Song of the Redwing

Bonnie shares with readers how she and her husband Jim sought God’s direction for their lives and eventually joined the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite in 2015. Bonnie relates their experiences that led them to the congregation in Versailles, … Read More

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Speaking from the Heart

“Speaking from the Heart” contains heartfelt essays on topics relevant to all Christians. Spiritual battles, illness, tragic death, and many everyday subjects are spoken of openly and in a down-to-earth way that will touch the heart. A common theme throughout … Read More

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