A Spoonful of Color

A Spoonful of Color focuses on healthy, whole foods, many of which are naturally allergen-friendly. Here you can find fresh meal ideas, a few old recreated comfort foods, ethnic foods and other ideas. 243 pages, full-color, coil-bound.

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An Otter’s Story

Otters are fascinating, lively creatures. They love to slide in the snow, wrestle in the forest, play water tag, and search for crawfish. This action-packed story about Ottiga and Beauty and their family is based on true events that happened to otters the author knew, in territory he has trapped and hunted in. It gives a fascinating peak into the lives of some of God’s wonderful creatures! 191 pages; paperback.

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As the Small Rain Upon the Tender Herb

A scrapbook of Michael Decker’s life. inspirations, essays, and stories. 118 pages

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Choices, Changes, and Challenges

Stephanie Kauffman’s fourth installment in her series of memoirs continues telling about her true-life adventures as a single school teacher working in various small Christian schools around the world. Set in the 1990s, the story takes readers to various locales in Canada, the United States, Belize, Haiti, and New Zealand. Each new destination presents its share of challenges and anxieties, all of which serve to fortify Stacy’s faith and draw her closer to God. 209 pages; paperback.

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Hearing God in Ordinary Days

More than 100 daily devotionals for women – and especially for mothers. Chapter titles include, “Backbiter’s Bite,” “Mothering Ten-Year-Old Boys,” and “License Plate Curiosity.” 239 pages; paperback.

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Inspirational Bible Principles

In this book, Gladwin explores thirteen subjects important for a sound spiritual life in Christ. Chapter titles include “The Power of Love’s Motive,” “The Inner and Outer Evidences of Salvation,” “The Jacob Man and the Esau Man,” and “Not Conformed but Translated.” Many Bible accounts are used as illustrations of these concepts. This book is suitable for all ages. 156 pages; paperback.

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Jesus and Proverbs

Proverbs says, “The rich man’s wealth is his strong city,” but Jesus said, “Blessed be ye poor: for yours is the kingdom of God.” How do we reconcile the teachings of Jesus about money and business with the succinct pronouncements of Proverbs? Are they really contradictory? Perhaps Proverbs gives us the “how” and Jesus teaches us the “why” related to material endeavors. A thought-provoking read! 128 pages; paperback.

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Let the Little Children Come

Moms, do you feel unsure about how to pray with your children? How do you teach them to pray? This book touches on these topics, and it also covers praying with the different ages of children, our own prayer life, and ways to vary prayer time so it doesn’t become mechanical. A good book for parents of small and school age children. 159 pages; paperback.

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The pride of his owner, Mustang was stolen by a wandering cowboy and traded from hand to hand. Trapped by horse hunters and chased by cowboys eager for his capture, he finally rejoined his owner in a desperate race with a blizzard. 186 pages; paperback.

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Out of the Miry Clay

Two families, two mountains–but one storm and one God. This book is the story of how God used Hurricane Mitch in Nicaragua to bring two families to Him. Paperback. 272 pages.

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