Echoes of Christmas No. 1

89 English and five German songs.

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Echoes of Christmas No. 2

135 songs. Paper; Prairieview Press.

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Speaking from the Heart

“Speaking from the Heart” contains heartfelt essays on topics relevant to all Christians. Spiritual battles, illness, tragic death, and many everyday subjects are spoken of openly and in a down-to-earth way that will touch the heart. A common theme throughout … Read More

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The Red Roan Pony

The red roan pony had a pretty gray circus pony for a mother and a wild roan mustang for a father. He was full of speed and grace and sense, and had a real love for the young people who loved him so much! Read about races on the prairie and a thrilling fox hunt. Will be enjoyed by animal lovers everywhere! 320 pages; paperback; AB Publishing

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Vic, A Dog of the Prairies

On his collar was a simple tag engraved with the name “Vic.” He was a big dog – young, black, and powerful. By chance he ended up on the ranch land of Jim Williams. This big dog longed for human companionship, but he distrusted grown men. One day Jim’s eleven-year-old brother Gene met up with Vic. It was the start of a great friendship, but many adventures and misadventures lay between that beginning and a great ending. Read this book for an intriguing tale of the Old West. 192 pages; paper; Lone Oak Books.

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Follow Me

A sequel to A Captain for Hans and The Brickmakers. The difficulties for the Schweitzers of the Palatinate continue as they try to live their faith despite the pressures from the rulers. The next generation is faced with making their … Read More

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Cafe au Lait

This is a collection of about 184 recipes – a guide to authentic Haitian food with many cross-cultural recipes made from scratch with simple ingredients. A scrapbook of Haitian culture and everyday living as well as special events is woven into the mix of recipes making this a very captivating read. It is interesting and will appeal the foodie and cookbook collector hidden in you! Full-color throughout. 180 pages; coil-bound.

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Journey into God

Journey Into God helps us understand what we see and experience as we walk through life. The author explores the character of God with practical and spiritual illustrations. Each chapter closes with several questions and points for consideration, making this book suitable for personal devotions. Paperback; 212 pages. Faith Builder’s Resource Group.

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Parables from Peru

This book was written by a Peruvian missionary about his experiences in that country and the lessons they taught him. Each story is written in parable style using antiquated language, with the purpose of expounding a deeper spiritual truth. At times amusing and at times heart-rending, this book will profit when read personally or in family devotions. 126 pages; paperback; Christian Light Publications.

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Distant Shores

As a young Amish man in 1969, Ivan Weaver left for Alaska to become a hunting guide with the world-famous Pinnell & Talifson outfitters. For 2 1/2 years he lived “the Dream” in the wilds, guiding men as they hunted huge Kodiak brown bears. This book details many fine adventures of that life. But Ivan began to be troubled. “What is the meaning of life?” “Do I have a foundation?” he wondered. He finally decided he must return to his roots and his church. 243 pages; paper; Weaver.

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