Sarah in the Village

Sarah is the oldest child in a Mennonite family in a village in Russia. They have many uncles, aunts, and cousins, and village life is lively and fun. But the worries come so often to the young girl too. Why can’t life be perfect? Read this book to learn more about how young folks grew up long ago in our ancestors’ villages in Russia. 121 pages; paper; Mastof Press.

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He was a beautiful sight, the pure white colt with long, silver mane and tail streaming in the wind. He could run faster than all the other colts in the wild herd. Charlie Barr was determined to have the wild colt for his very own. “I must hurry and get my brand on him before some other feller does!” Charlie said. That would not be so easy, and after being captured once, Silver got his freedom again. He lived an adventurous life before Charlie finally got him back. 245 pages; paperback; Lone Oak Books. Proofreader’s note: There are some instances of inappropriate language on pages 109, 181, 188, and 191.

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The Red Roan Pony

The red roan pony had a pretty gray circus pony for a mother and a wild roan mustang for a father. He was full of speed and grace and sense, and had a real love for the young people who loved him so much! Read about races on the prairie and a thrilling fox hunt. Will be enjoyed by animal lovers everywhere! 320 pages; paperback; AB Publishing

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A Child’s Book of Bible Stories

Ten Bible stories, including these titles: “Let My People Go,” “The Widow’s Oil,” “Jonah,” “Thank You, Jesus,” and more. The simple, yet compelling language combines with beautiful illustrations to ensure children will remember these Bible stories for years to come. … Read More

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A Dream Fulfilled

Louise Boese. Accompany Lucy to school and enjoy the excitement of the first morning’s opening exercises. Be with Verda and Lucy as they enjoy a spirited game of Parcheesi. A Dream Fulfilled continues ­recounting Lucy’s experiences in Mennonite culture. 176 … Read More

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A Hive of Busy Bees

Effie Williams. A collection of popular stories that entertain children and teach important truths such as love for others, respect, trusting God, obedience, and more. 158 pages; paper; Sure Foundation.

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A Horse Called Willing

Rebecca Martin. Joel lived with his older brother Elam and their widowed mother. Life wasn’t easy without a father. Sometimes Joel felt resentful and uncooperative. When Lady’s carefree gallop across the pasture ended in disaster, the family needed another horse. … Read More

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A Lantern in the Window

Aileen Fisher. A story about the underground railroad that helped many runaway slaves to freedom in the mid-1800s. The Quaker home in the story was one of the stations along the way. Here these unfortunate folk were fed, clothed, and … Read More

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A Lion to Guard Us

Clyde Robert Bulla. Amanda Freebold’s father left England three years ago for the new colony of Jamestown in America. But now that her mother has died, Amanda is left to take care of her younger brother and sister all alone. … Read More

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A Michigan Summer

Joseph Stoll. If you enjoyed reading Shagbark Hickory, you will also enjoy this sequel. The Troyer family moves to a new location in Michigan. Joni, Sammy, and their family adjust to their new neighbors, a new school, and a farm … Read More

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