Chicken Chores and Open Doors

True character-building stories about a boy named Paul Weaver who was raised in Holmes County, Ohio. Separated into three parts for children, adolescents, and adults, this book can be a good resource for family devotions. One chapter is titled “A … Read More

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Nelly’s Dark Days

This old classic was originally printed in 1870. It gives a picture of how many people in Liverpool and other cities were caught in the grip of drunkeness and poverty. Nelly’s father is a hopeless drunkard, whose negligence cost the … Read More

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The Gray Eyes Family

Written in the 1950s, this story for children tells about a Navajo family who has grown up in the traditional ways of their people, but they are starting to become acquainted with the missionary, the government, and the world beyond … Read More

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Orville Wright

This is the story of Orville Wright, who, together with his brother Wilbur, pursued the idea of powered flight. They operated with careful observation, perseverance, and ingenuity. By trial and error they worked through problems one by one until that … Read More

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Distant Thunder

A sequel to “The Christmas Surprise.” Life is peaceful in the Moravian town of Bethlehem until the War of Independence breaks out. Then Congress orders Bethlehem to house prisoners of war. Although the Moravians do not believe in war, they … Read More

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The Knight’s Journey

The knight had the greatest horse, the finest castle, and plenty of gold. But he was not happy. “Maybe,” he thought, “the old man in the forest can tell me how to find happiness.” The wise man told the young … Read More

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Mario: a Belizean Boy

Mario eats tortillas and delicious peccary soup. He bathes in the river where his father catches fish and his mother washes clothes. Mario’s parents read the Bible and pray and teach him right and wrong. At night, Mario knows that … Read More

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How’s Inky

A porcupine and his pals offer some highlights on happiness. Join Sam and his unusual pet for a grand mixture of troubles and pleasures. You’ll discover why it takes a lot of “quill” power to put down How’s Inky? A … Read More

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Tell Me About Jesus (board book)

Slip your baby’s first book about Jesus into your purse or diaper bag for church, waiting rooms, or quiet moments anywhere. Made of sturdy board-book material. Measures 6 by 6 inches.

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Noah’s Boat (board book)

Illustrated by Alex Brover. Written especially for young children, Noah’s Boat illustrates both Noah’s loving obedience toward God and God’s loving care towards His people. The high-quality artwork is fun and the sturdy construction features a unique wavy shape along … Read More

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