101 Pi Bel Istwa Nan Bib la – Creole

(101 Favorite Stories from the Bible) A Bible story book with Bible stories simply and clearly told. Color illustrations. 222 pages; hardcover.

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El Tacontento

A collection of recipes from Mexico. This cookbook is in Spanish. Approx 200 recipes, 156 pages, coil-bound.

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Marcher sur le chemin du Seigneur

This Bible study book contains eighteen lessons for intermediates designed to help the students understand that Christian life is a highway through this world. The lessons cover topics such as accepting yourself, respecting others, working willingly, fleeing youthful lusts, being … Read More

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Ne Studierunk en de Christliche Lia

A Study in Christian Doctrine – Plautdietsch. 64 pages; paperback.

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ABS Spanish Bible, Hardcover

Black-letter only. Suitable for distribution. Page size is 8¼ x 5¼ in.; thickness is 11/8 in. Hardcover.

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El Hogar Cristiano

(The Christian Home) Reuben Koehn. Sound scriptural teaching on home life and the nurture of children. Topics covered are the home, the parents, the child, mental and social development, discipline, adolescence, youth, and more. 132 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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(Songs of Faith) 227 songs; hardcover; Gospel Publishers.

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Grade 1, Historias de Jesús, Picture Set

Grade 1, Historias de Jesús (Stories about Jesus), picture set

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Grade 2, Historias Acerca de los Amigos de Dios, Picture Set

Grade 2, Historias Acerca de los Amigos de Dios (Stories about Jesus’ Friends), picture set

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