Racial tensions had long simmered in Benton Harbor, a small city on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, before the day a white narcotics officer—more focused on arrests than justice—set his sights on an innocent black man. But when officer … Read More

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Kittens, Kittens Everywhere

Peggy and Penny were heartbroken. Their kittens, Heather and Feather, were lost! Then suddenly Dr. Hart, their stern neighbor, was accusing the girls of making all sorts of mischief. And what about those noises behind the tall fence dividing Dr. … Read More

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Christian Arts Gifts KJV Pocket Bible: Faux Leather

A pocket Bible featuring a black faux leather cover with embossed texture on spine. Words of Christ in red, subject headings throughout, ribbon marker, no maps, no references. Contains a daily reading plan as well as a limited topical reading … Read More

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Christian Arts Gifts KJV Compact Bible: Brown Leather

A compact Bible featuring a dark brown genuine leather cover. Words of Christ in red, ribbon marker, maps, limited concordance. No references. 10 point type. Page size is 6 1/4 x 4 1/4; thickness is 1 3/8 inches.

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German-English Bible, Leather, Thumb-indexed

A parallel Bible containing the Old and New Testaments in English and German. The Authorized King James 1611 is on the left page and German Martin Luther Stuttgart 1912 text on the right page. The German text is in old-style … Read More

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Life Application Study Bible KJV, DuoTone

Designed to help readers apply God’s Word to everyday life. Includes nearly 10,000 features that explain difficult passages and give information on Bible life and times: dictionary/concordance; book introductions provide an overview to help understand the message of each book. … Read More

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A Penny Parcel

Ashley knows only the orphanage until she is sent to live temporarily with a family. Other people don’t know that the father drinks and beats the children, but it leaves physical and emotional scars. Back at the orphanage, Ashley keeps … Read More

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Voyages in Song D2 (Grades 7 and 8)

Book D2 is the third of a planned series of music books for grades 1-8. It contains 28 lessons aimed at seventh and eighth-grade students with a focus on harmony. Full color; coil bound; 113 pages.

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Voyages Songbook – Companion songs for D1 & D2

Supplemental songbook to Voyages in Song Book D1 and Voyages in Song Book D2. Includes the reinforcement songs listed in the teacher guides. 288 songs, laminated paper cover, coil-bound. [A digital download with the reinforcement songs can be purchased separately.] … Read More

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Kalak of the Ice

This is the story of Kalak, the great polar bear whose domain lay north of the Arctic Circle. Through the dramatic saga of a polar bear’s life, the author presents an unforgettable picture of the land of bear and seal, … Read More

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