Faithful: Songs of Inspiration and Praise

53 songs by a variety of song writers and composers. 128 pages; paperback; Tennessee Music and Printing.

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Conference Reports, Spanish, 1896-2015

Conference Reports (Spanish). The decisions of General Conferences from 1896 to 2015. Paperback; 118 pages; Gospel Publishers.

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A Cup of Quiet

Life is like a latte. In the optimism of youth we assume we can order it to taste. We anticipate a smooth, satisfying drink, so we order a single shot of reality flavored with dreams… The essays and poems in … Read More

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Today May Be Later Than We Think

A study of end-time prophecy and the book of Revelation. Originally published in 1985, the message seems perhaps more relevant today than when first published. 298 pages; paperback; Gospel Publishers.

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Sleepy Hour

Bedtime stories for young children that teach good attitudes and actions. 184 pages; paperback.

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Treasures of Darkness

“Treasures of Darkness” contains evidence of God’s great love especially in hard times. Some poems have been inspired by Bible verses, others have come from personal struggles, and some come from observations of fellow men. There are those that were … Read More

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Inferno in the Lost Pines

Conditions were extra dry and hot that year of 2011 in Bastrop, Texas. A few sparks on a windy day began a major fire, and in its path were many homes nestled among the loblolly pines. Despite firefighters’ best efforts, … Read More

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Daybreak, Volume III

Forty-four songs from 28 composers. From daybreak to nightfall, these songs are meant to brighten your path with music and inspiration. Paperback; Daybreak Music Publishers; 14844.

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God’s Blessings for Our Homes

A compilation of 82 articles about the home and Christian child nurture. Many of the articles have been published in the Messenger of Truth, Hearth and Home, or Chalk Talk and cover a range of topics with encouragement, inspiration, and … Read More

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Carrots, Cukes, and Cabbages: The Vegetable Cookbook

Compiled by LaDean Ezzell and Cheris Koehn. This vegetable-themed cookbook offers fresh ideas for cooking up vegetable dishes for your family and guests. A soup and salad section is included as well as a few main dishes. 152 pages; coil-bound.

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