A Charge to Keep
Isabella Macdonald Alden. Reuben Watson Stone stood shivering in the cold December wind. Even though work was hard to find, his widowed mother and sister depended on him to be the man in charge of the house. He'd do anything to support his family, but would he do what was right? Read this story to understand the struggles this young man faces to provide his family with just the necessities of life. A story for youth and adult readers. 224 pages; paper; Joyce Nolt.
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A Dream Fulfilled
Louise Boese. Accompany Lucy to school and enjoy the excitement of the first morning’s opening exercises. Be with Verda and Lucy as they enjoy a spirited game of Parcheesi. A Dream Fulfilled continues ­recounting Lucy’s experiences in Mennonite culture. 176 pages; paper; PrairieView Press. Louise Boese Series The Early Years Winter Snows Reaching for ­Tomorrow A Dream Fulfilled Around the Bend
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A Hive of Busy Bees
Effie Williams. A collection of popular stories that entertain children and teach important truths such as love for others, respect, trusting God, obedience, and more. 158 pages; paper; Sure Foundation.
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A Home at Last
Marilyn Friesen. The year is 1943, and amidst the toil, pain and anguish of a country torn apart by war, God is watching over one small family. Follow this true story of faith and providence as two orphaned siblings find a home at last. 160 pages; paper; AB Publishing.
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A Home for the Heart
Rosalie Penner as told by Betty Friesen. Times are tough. Money is scarce. The beginning of the Great Depression finds the Langemann family looking for jobs. Lizzie, age 16, leaves home to work in Winnipeg as a housemaid. As she struggles to gain experience and learn the strange new ways, she also faces the need of her soul. Step by step God leads her, and she finds rest and a home for her soul. 224 pages; paper; Friesen.
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A Horse Called Willing
Rebecca Martin. Joel lived with his older brother Elam and their widowed mother. Life wasn’t easy without a father. Sometimes Joel felt resentful and uncooperative. When Lady’s carefree gallop across the pasture ended in disaster, the family needed another horse. That is how a horse named Willing arrived at their farm. The family has struggles and surprises as they learn that God cares and provides. 165 pages; paper; Christian Light Publications.
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A Lantern in the Window
Aileen Fisher. A story about the underground railroad that helped many runaway slaves to freedom in the mid-1800s. The Quaker home in the story was one of the stations along the way. Here these unfortunate folk were fed, clothed, and hidden from their pursuers. Often under cover of darkness, they were taken to the next station and eventually to safety and freedom. 116 pages; paper; The Country Library.
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A Lion to Guard Us

Clyde Robert Bulla. Amanda Freebold’s father left England three years ago for the new colony of Jamestown in America. But now that her mother has died, Amanda is left to take care of her younger brother and sister all alone. Amanda finally decides to take her brother and sister to America to find Father. The ocean crossing is long and hard, and the children don't know whom to trust. But with her father's little brass lion's head to guard them, Amanda knows that somehow everything will work out. Ages 9-12. 128 pages; paperback; HarperTrophy.

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A Michigan Summer
Joseph Stoll. If you enjoyed reading Shagbark Hickory, you will also enjoy this sequel. The Troyer family moves to a new location in Michigan. Joni, Sammy, and their family adjust to their new neighbors, a new school, and a farm steeped in history. 182 pages; paper; Pathway.
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A Peep Behind the Scenes
Mrs. O.F. Walton. Rosalie’s family is in the entertainment business, and this story depicts life behind the scenes. The people for whom they perform know nothing of Rosalie’s sick mother, the wretched home, the insufficient food, nor of the bitter tears. Then Rosalie learns of the Good Shepherd. 255 pages; paper; AB Publishing.
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A Penny’s Worth of Character
Jesse Stuart. Shan Shelton learns a lesson in honesty as he deals with Mr. Conley, the storekeeper. Note: the word “gee” appears on p. 35. Paper; Jesse Stuart Foundation.
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A Place for Peter
Elizabeth Yates. This is a sequel to Mountain Born. Peter, a teenager now, struggles to earn his father's trust as he handles the sugaring up in the sugar bush. He throws himself into the work of the farm and grows in strength and into his father’s trust. Then, he faces the rattlesnakes on the hill. 176 pages; paper; Journey Forth.
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