God in the Caribou Fire

The wall of fire sweeping down Mount Marius was pushed by high gusts of wind. The fire would roll and jump ahead of itself, shooting flames a couple hundred feet high. That fire was coming HERE! Time was running out. It is inspiring to read these first person accounts of people who fled before the Caribou Fire, and also to read of how God helped them deal with the aftermath. 251 pages; paper; Ridgeway Publishing.

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I Survived: The Great Molasses Flood, 1919

It sounds rather funny – a “flood” of molasses! But it was not funny for the people caught in it. In the year 1919 a massive tank holding molasses exploded in the city of Boston. A “tsunami” of molasses destroyed buildings and people in its path. Read this historical fiction story to understand what it was like to live through this awful disaster. 94 pages; paper; Scholastic.

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Winter on the Farm

The snow is deep, but there are still chores to do. And once inside the warm house, Almanzo finds the large supper very satisfying! Adapted from Farmer Boy. A book for young children with more illustrations than text. 32 pages; … Read More

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Prairie Day

Traveling for miles in the covered wagon is very tiring. Then one day Pa stops the wagon, and they all have a good time at the camp in the open prairie. Adapted from Little House on the Prairie. A book … Read More

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Nelly’s Dark Days

This old classic was originally printed in 1870. It gives a picture of how many people in Liverpool and other cities were caught in the grip of drunkeness and poverty. Nelly’s father is a hopeless drunkard, whose negligence cost the … Read More

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A Storm Too Soon

In May of 2007, three veteran sailors set out on an voyage from Florida to France. But the trip soon turns into a nightmare when their sailboat is caught in the throes of a mighty storm. This is the story … Read More

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Clouds of Terror

Helga and Erik could not believe their eyes. There were grasshoppers everywhere, and they were eating the crops! In the 1870s, when grasshoppers destroyed farms in Minnesota and other Midwestern states, many families gave up and moved away. This is … Read More

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Baby Porcupine

In a forest in Minnesota, a baby porcupine is born. The youngster, called a porcupette, is big and already covered with quills. But she will still have some growing to do before she is safe from predators. In the meantime, … Read More

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Destination Africa: Into the Vast Savanna

Join Marcellus on an African safari to see many animals up close. Also learn facts about each animal and marvel at the variety of God’s creation. Hardcover; 92 pages.

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Inferno in the Lost Pines

Conditions were extra dry and hot that year of 2011 in Bastrop, Texas. A few sparks on a windy day began a major fire, and in its path were many homes nestled among the loblolly pines. Despite firefighters’ best efforts, … Read More

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