14 Faithful Followers
Lloyd Penner. Are we the same kind of Christians as those of ancient times? Read these 14 biographical sketches about people living between the first and the 20th centuries. There is much information about their everyday lives and how they accepted the faith, passing it down to the present generations. The reading level is not difficult, and some older folk may find some familiar names. 186 pages; paperback.
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As Is
The Bible says, "For no man ever yet hated himself" (Eph 5:29). Still, many of us are convinced that there is much about ourselves to dislike. In "As Is," Larissa Koehn shares her journey of accepting herself as God made her. In this down-to-earth book, she explores three facets of life that we all face: The Ugly: the lies I tell myself: I'm a failure as a mother; I'm not good. The Real: I get impatient with my children; I'm not as good as I wish I would be. The Beautiful: God loves me with my imperfections; God gave these children to me because He knew I needed them and they needed me; God made me just like He wanted me. Paperback; 117 pages.
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Blind Martha
Velina Showalter. At the age of two, the doctor breaks the news that Martha will someday become blind. Follow Martha as she goes through school, finds a job, and rides a bike to work. Although Martha eventually becomes completely blind and must use a guide dog, she lives on her own independently and joyfully. A nicely illustrated story. Ages 8-12; 47 pages; paperback; TGS International.
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Bread Upon the Waters
Elizabeth Wagler. This is the life story of Gertel Wagner, a woman with a big heart who cares for an ailing husband and numerous children in Belize. God blesses her trust in Him. “Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days” (Eccles. 11:1). This book gives a good description of village life in Belize. 332 pages; paperback; TGS International.
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Getting Along at Work
Caleb Crider. If you want to nurture good relationships at work, this book is for you. This book talks about the challenges of working with others and the blessings in store for those who apply biblical principles to those relationships. Topics covered include realistic expectations, taking responsibility, humility, apologizing, respecting your coworkers, and pleasing your boss. The last part of the book includes case studies of Daniel from the Bible, Abraham Lincoln and his cabinet, and a group of miners trapped below ground together for many days. 150 pages; paper; Carlisle Press.
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God and the Search
Lyle and Ethel Hostetler. Twenty years after their 15-year-old son Tom disappeared, the Hostetlers reflect upon the agonizing time of searching for him. After some days, Tom’s body was found, but their questions were left unanswered. They tell how God cared for their family during this difficult time. 124 pages; paperback; L & E Family Books.
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God’s Secret Agent
Diane Yoder. Nicu grew up in Romania but has moved to Germany. He wants to serve God in any capacity he can, but he did not anticipate an assignment full of danger and sleepless nights. After the government closes the borders of his home country to foreign aid, Nicu begins operating as a secret agent, smuggling in food as well as forbidden Bibles. 256 pages; paperback; TGS International.
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He Brought Back the Spring
Forty-two songs, nearly all composed by Loren Burns
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Home on the Blue Ridge
Pablo Yoder. This book continues the story begun in Home on the Rock Pile. The Yoders begin operating Faith Mission Home for disabled children. Their two-story house on the property and the surrounding area is the setting for most of the stories in this book. Fishing for trout, fussing with siblings, and searching for lost Rosie; all of this and more is packed into this book. A good book to read as a family and for children ages 8-14. 345 pages; paper; Christian Light Publications.
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Humble Roots
Hannah Anderson. Using the simple examples of growing things and rural life, this book speaks to us about how to cultivate humility. This involves realizing who I am and Who God is. Humility graces all parts of one's life: the emotions, intellect, physical body, possessions, circumstances and desires. This book can be enjoyed as a devotional or otherwise. 205 pages; paperback; Moody Publishers.
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Love Wears an Apron: Menus, Tips & Inspiration
Compiled. Love Wears an Apron was designed by moms for moms. Behind its retro style cover, you will find inspiration for menu planning, our family’s favorite recipes, children’s job chart ideas, and housekeeping schedules. Throughout the book are cooking tips, inspirational quotes, and "mom humor." The goal of this book is to inspire mothers everywhere with their ministry of homemaking. Coil-bound; 378 pages. A portion of the proceeds of this book will be donated to children with medical or social needs.
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Miracle in Room 3123
Bill and Pauline Miller, with Sherilyn Yoder. Bill Miller battles a mysterious disease. As he faces death, God chooses to heal him instead. This book details the family's experiences of grace during the emotionally and physically exhausting time that Bill's life is hanging in the balance. 136 pages; paperback; TGS International.
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