Rafael and Others

Compiled by Luke Weaver. This book consists of three short stories: true accounts of folks who experienced a spiritual awakening and conversion in the Dominican Republic. They are just a few of the many lives that have been touched and … Read More

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Jerome’s Adventures

“Jerome climbed carefully down the last half inch of wall and onto the slippery sink counter. ‘Ah,’ he sighed in satisfaction, ‘made it again.’” Jerome is a spider, and we are invited to join him in this imaginary tale as … Read More

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Marriage and Home Fundamentals

The author shares thoughts concerning a fundamental, Godly approach to marriage and the home. Chapters include “The Making of Christian Marriage (Holy Matrimony),” “The Responsibilities of a Husband,” “The Responsibilities of a Wife,” “Home Structure,” and others. This book is … Read More

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Family – The Gift That Lasts Forever

Six young lads and a sister, motherless. It was so sudden and unexpected. How would they cope now that Mom was gone? Who would take care of them? Tragedy struck hard around Linden, Alberta during the twenties and thirties, and … Read More

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Walking with God

A collection of inspirational poems written by Sierra Hrappstead, Angela Boehs and Andrea Unruh. Some poems are “Walking with God,” “Avalanche,” “My Treasure Chest,” “The Shepherd Psalm,” “The Inside Me,” “Mama’s Work,” “Shoes in the Back Porch,” and “God’s Promise.” … Read More

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Miller Kitchens Revisited

Compiled and published by Faith Yoder. Eleven years after the original “Miller Kitchens” was compiled, the family has more favorite recipes to share. These are not found in the original cookbook. 264 pages, hardcover with 3-ring binder.

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The Train of Life

Bill Giesbrecht. Related by Kayla Warkentin, written by Rosalie Penner. This book follows the life of Bill Giesbrecht, from the love story of his parents until his own retirement. Walk with him through the stages of life from growing up … Read More

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A Child’s Book of Bible Stories

Ten Bible stories, including these titles: “Let My People Go,” “The Widow’s Oil,” “Jonah,” “Thank You, Jesus,” and more. The simple, yet compelling language combines with detailed and captivating illustrations to ensure children will remember these Bible stories for years … Read More

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Wide Open Road: Sunny California to the Northland of Alberta

This is the story of John Toews as he journeys through life. This book records boyhood adventures, spiritual awareness, the draft years, and challenges and joys in adult life. Share in the humor and tears as you travel with John … Read More

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Song of the Redwing

Bonnie shares with readers how she and her husband Jim sought God’s direction for their lives and eventually joined the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite in 2015. Bonnie relates their encounters with various conservative groups along the way as … Read More

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