White Horse to Bucharest

“He who has not seen Bucharest, nor ridden upon a white horse, knows not what is beautiful in this world.” – Romanian Proverb. When Christian Service International sent them to Romania as humanitarian workers, Lee and Vila Gingerich expected a … Read More

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Lessons from The Christian Mission Voice

The Christian Mission Voice began publication in February 1966 to report on the progress of mission efforts at home and abroad. This book contains a distillation of editorials and articles from The Christian Mission Voice. Couples who are considering mission … Read More

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A Dash of Spice

A collection of recipes by the Banach family. Glenn Banach grew up in Massachusetts and is of Polish and Italian descent, his wife Joyce is from a traditional Mennonite family. Living in Nigeria as missionaries and in Dodge City, Kansas, … Read More

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Surviving the Tech Tsunami

A thought-provoking discussion on technology, how it is handled in various Anabaptist groups, and how it is viewed by the young and old. 240 pages; paper.

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Tales From Maple Ridge: The Lucky Wheel

Book 2 in the Tales From Maple Ridge series. The schoolchildren of Maple Ridge are trying to raise money to repair the schoolhouse. Logan doesn’t have the money, but he has a broken wheel and a Fix-It shop. He can … Read More

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My 30 Days under the Overpass

Written to inspire compassionate action close to home, this book challenges our concept of mission work and our views of the broken and downtrodden in society by asking two key questions: “What do you think about these people?” and “What … Read More

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The Holy War

A John Bunyan classic allegory. When Satan rebelled and was cast out of heaven, he tried to take revenge by conquering Mansoul, Shaddai’s treasured town. This allegory of man’s fall and redemption gives us a better understanding of our enemy … Read More

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Prejudice and Pardon

Lillie, born into a sharecropper’s home in the Deep South, faces struggles at a young age. Many times she is treated with prejudice and needs to forgive. Find out how she learns to trust Jesus and pardon those who mistreat … Read More

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A Storm Too Soon

In May of 2007, three veteran sailors set out on an voyage from Florida to France. But the trip soon turns into a nightmare when their sailboat is caught in the throes of a mighty storm. This is the story … Read More

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What is the Bible? Understanding God’s Message

What is the Bible? offers helpful tools to familiarize yourself with the Bible. You will learn that knowing more about the time and culture in which the Bible was written makes it easier to understand. This little book provides an … Read More

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