God in the Caribou Fire

The wall of fire sweeping down Mount Marius was pushed by high gusts of wind. The fire would roll and jump ahead of itself, shooting flames a couple hundred feet high. That fire was coming HERE! Time was running out. It is inspiring to read these first person accounts of people who fled before the Caribou Fire, and also to read of how God helped them deal with the aftermath. 251 pages; paper; Ridgeway Publishing.

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What happens when a teenage boy leaves home and heads into the jungle to evangelize a murderous tribe of South American Indians? This is the true story of a 19-year-old American, his capture by the Motilone Indians, and his adventures in Christianizing this Stone Age tribe. Paperback; 194 pages.

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Forty-five songs. Selections chosen by Nolan Koehn, Michela Toews, Shannon Smith, and Yolanda Damen. This book includes their own songs as well as others. Nearly all are previously unpublished.

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Redeeming Love

Compiled by Kevin W. Presley, this book is a collection of old and new songs. 241 songs; paperback.

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The Debt I Owe

At the height of the Vietnam War, Johnny Miller received his draft notice. He knew he could never take a human life. Read this book to learn about his experiences during two years of 1-W service working as a conscientious objector in the Bethesda Hospital. He writes honestly about the tragic, the touching, and the humorous while introducing the reader to a memorable cast of characters including friends, coworkers, and patients. 368 pages; paper; TGS International.

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Coleman’s Songs for Men

This is a reprint of the quartet book originally published in 1932 and enjoyed by quartets for many years until it went out of print. Songs 152-196 have been changed to men’s voice arrangement for this edition. 196 songs; hardcover.

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Awake, My Soul

Forty-three songs from the following authors and composers: Austin Dirks, Bryce Dirks, Cherith Lehman, Dorene Dirks, Gina Ensz, Jed Buerge, Jenny Koehn, Joel Koehn, Les Dirks, Maxine Schartner, Patrick Zimmerman, Robyn Wedel, Rudy Bueckert, Savanna Unruh. Published by Les Dirks.

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NLT Compact Edition Leather Like Bible – Brown

A compact NLT featuring subject headings throughout the text. Includes footnotes with translation and textual clarification. No references. Black letter text. Page size is 6 1/8 x 4. Thickness is 7/8 in. Brown LeatherLike cover.

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Betteken’s Refuge

Diane Yoder. When persecution comes to the city of Antwerp in 1573, Betteken Wens is afraid the priest will find out that her father is an Anabaptist minister. Then Betteken’s mother Maeyken is captured and imprisoned for her faith. Her … Read More

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