A Spoonful of Color

A Spoonful of Color focuses on healthy, whole foods, many of which are naturally allergen-friendly. Here you can find fresh meal ideas, a few old recreated comfort foods, ethnic foods and other ideas. 243 pages, full-color, coil-bound.

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Bayou Collections, Volume 2

From the kitchens of Highland and Southern Magnolia Congregations, DeRidder, Louisiana. More than 1200 recipes! This cookbook includes a section dedicated to traditional Cajun fare. Hardcover 3-ring binder.

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El Tacontento

A collection of recipes from Mexico. This cookbook is in Spanish. Approx 200 recipes, 156 pages, coil-bound.

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Please Pass the Peas Again, vol 2 (Lee Holdeman Family)

A collection of recipes by the Lee Holdeman family. 264 pages, 3-ring binder.

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Spice Thyme

Compiled by Aneta Wiebe and Angela Amstutz. Do you ever wish you knew more about cardamom and fennel and tarragon and lemon pepper, and how should they be used? This cookbook has over 600 recipes from cooks around the world. There are also essays with information on growing, harvesting, and drying herbs, as well as making your own spice blends. 592 pages; hardcover, with plastic coilbinding.

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Taste of the Caribbean

Compiled by Gloria Wagler Ortiz. This cookbook is a collection of authentic recipes from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Belize, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Paraguay, Chile, and Bangladesh. Recipes for a number of seasonings are also included. 218 pages; paperback, with plastic coilbinding.

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Christian Home Cookbook

This cookbook was compiled by ladies of the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite. It has proven very popular and successful, now in its eleventh printing! Eighteen sections have recipes for all occasions and for all needs, from beverages to … Read More

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Country Canning and Freezing

Compiled by Beverly Unruh. A canning and freezing cookbook with over 150 recipes, now in its second edition. Sections include fruits, vegetables, meats, pickles, jellies and jams, sauces, and other recipes. 122 pages; hardcover with ring binder.

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Country Recipes from Friends and Family

This fine collection of recipes has already shown its worth by its wide circulation and use. It contains about 900 recipes in thirteen sections, with a complete index. 284 pages; paper with plastic coil binding; Yost.

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Down Home Southern Cookin’

Nearly 700 recipes collected by the ladies of the South Haven Mennonite Congregation, Macon, Mississippi. This book was started when recipes were gathered to give the wives of revival evangelists. A variety of new recipes, some easy and some challenging, … Read More

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