Ike and Rosalie Loewen Cookbook

A collection of nearly 700 recipes and memories from the Ike and Rosalie Loewen family. This cookbook includes a comprehensive collection of Brazilian recipes. 454 pages; hardcover with 3-ring binder.

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A Dash of Spice

A collection of recipes by the Banach family. Glenn Banach grew up in Massachusetts and is of Polish and Italian descent, his wife Joyce is from a traditional Mennonite family. Living in Nigeria as missionaries and in Dodge City, Kansas, … Read More

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Grandma’s Fried Chicken

A collection of recipes by the Otis and Manda Unruh Family of Central Kansas. This book includes a lot of old-fashioned recipes. One section features recipes from around the world. Another is dedicated to recipes used at Emmy Lou’s Bake … Read More

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Miller Kitchens Revisited

Compiled and published by Faith Yoder. Eleven years after the original “Miller Kitchens” was compiled, the family has more favorite recipes to share. These are not found in the original cookbook. 264 pages, hardcover with 3-ring binder.

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Meals to the Fields

Over 1000 recipes for every meal of the day, ideas for packed lunches, and delicious ways to serve meals on the go. This cookbook holds answers to many a farmer or trucker wife’s questions. Scattered through-out the book are stories, … Read More

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Carrots, Cukes, and Cabbages: The Vegetable Cookbook

Compiled by LaDean Ezzell and Cheris Koehn. This vegetable-themed cookbook offers fresh ideas for cooking up vegetable dishes for your family and guests. A soup and salad section is included as well as a few main dishes. 152 pages; coil-bound.

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The Peters Family Cookbook

Compiled in memory of August and Fannie Peters. 368 pages of recipes for all occasions. Coil-bound.

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Friendship Ties and Homemade Pies

Favorite recipes collected by friends from Hydro and Eakly, Oklahoma. Over 700 recipes. Hardcover; 3-ring binder.

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Heart & Hearth

This book contains over 370 recipes with recipes from different people. There is also some cooking tips and suggestions on where to get ingredients from. this cookbook is set up for missionaries in other countries. There are bread recipes, main … Read More

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The Pie Lady

In The Pie Lady, Mennonite homemaker Greta Isaac shares stories of family and friends and tells of their qualities, happy times, and sad times to give a view into the kitchens of various pie ladies as they whip up concoctions … Read More

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