Harebell’s Friend

Amy Le Feuvre. This is a delightful story about a young girl named Harebell. As an orphan she came to live with her aunt. Her aunt doesn’t like children and would rather send her off to a boarding school. Ages 9-12. 140 pages; paper; … Read More

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Probable Sons

Amy Le Feuvre. When orphaned Milly comes to live with her uncle, confirmed bachelor Sir Edward, his life is changed. As she entertains him with Bible stories, he becomes very attached to her and eventually is ready to admit that … Read More

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Teddy’s Button

Amy Le Feuvre. The story of a little boy who wants to be a soldier like his father. Teddy’s most prized possession is a button from his father’s uniform. His pride and inclination for mischief create a conflict when he … Read More

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Andy Man

Amy Le Feuvre. Set in early twentieth century England, this story tells how orphaned Andy leaves London, meets John Dunstan, and becomes his ‘andy man’. Andy is honest, enthusiastic, and loves to work, but he is also headstrong and has … Read More

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Me & Nobbles

Amy Le Feuvre. Bobby, the main character in this book, is raised without Mother or Father. His imaginary friend Nobbles, whom he talks to as a real person, is often his only comfort. This book tells the story of Bobby’s … Read More

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