Bible Dry Highlighter

Retractable dry marker. Will not bleed through paper. Available in yellow or blue. Please specify color. G.T. Luscombe Company. Yellow highlighter, 10902 Blue highlighter, 10901

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Bible Highlighter – Two-pack refill, blue

Two-pack refill - Please specify yellow or blue. Yellow two-pack refill, 14085 Blue two-pack refill, 10342

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Class Record Book, 9 week

An eight subject class record book for recording grades. This grade book works best for schools using a nine-week report card. Hammond & Stephens, coil-bound with clear plastic covers.

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Gift Certificate – Gospel Publishers

Give a gift certificate — specify the amount, and, optionally, if you want names printed in the “To” and “From” fields.

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Merriam-Webster’s School Thesaurus

Suitable for classroom use with more than 154,000 word choices and 37,000 usage examples. 1007 pages; hardcover; Merriam-Webster Inc.

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Messenger of Truth on CD

A program that installs the issues from 1941 to 2018 on the user’s computer. The program opens to a screen where individual issues may be perused or terms or names may be entered in the search box. In short order, … Read More

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Reserved Seating Signs for Pews – Deluxe dark oak

Deluxe dark oak with black letters set in gold mylar plate and flex clamps covered with burgundy velvet, 2½ x 5¾ in.

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Reserved Seating Signs for Pews – Simulated walnut

Simulated walnut on plastic with white lettering, clamp-on style, 2¼ x 6 in.

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SwordSearcher Bible Software version 8.3

Complete text of the King James ­Bible on CD. Use this program on your computer to look up any word, verse, or reference in the Bible. Includes additional versions of the ­Bible, commentaries, ­Bible reference study material, and versions of … Read More

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Teacher’s Plan Book (School Specialty)

Organize your classroom with this handy lesson plan book. Includes daily lesson plans, semester outlines and seating plans. Hammond & Stephens, coil-bound with clear plastic covers.

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