Waiting on God

Andrew Murray. In thirty-one brief chapters, arranged as readings for each day of the month, this book challenges Christians to practice the art of waiting–of being silent before God in complete trust and dependence. 138 pages; paper; Christian Literature Crusade.

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Absolute Surrender

Andrew Murray. An edited collection of messages delivered in London in 1895. Too many Christians, though they have been born again, are not completely surrendered to God. Self can even seek to do God’s work. The reader is pointed to … Read More

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Andrew Murray. Humility is a sense of our entire nothingness which comes when we see that God is all, and we make way for God to be all. When man consents to be the form and vessel in which the … Read More

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With Christ in the School of Prayer

Andrew Murray probes Scripture and the life of Christ in order to teach us how to pray effectually. He asks us to enroll in a new kind of academy with Jesus as our headmaster. Murray gently instructs us on how … Read More

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Raising Your Children for Christ

Children are gifts from the Lord. In this practical guide, the author shows the essential qualities of being a parent who loves the Lord. This book teaches parenting virtues of love, self-control, kindness, and others that will help mold the … Read More

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