Gone Before

A scrapbook of quotes, verses, poems, and short stories of reflection written by some who have lost loved ones and passed through the valley of sorrow. This book provides comfort for grieving family members. 84 pages; hardcover.

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Strength for Tough Times

How can we find security, peace, and joy in today’s world? How can the believer apply Scriptural principles to everyday life? This book contains practical lessons that were learned the hard way: in the furnace of affliction. The author watched … Read More

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Through the Storm

This book tells a heartfelt story of joy and sorrow, struggle and triumph. The Bicknell family faced tremendous challenges as the husband and father is stricken with frontotemporal dementia. But God is good, and he answered their needs many times! This is a story of finding rest and security in spite of troubling circumstances. 71 pages; paperback; Bicknell.

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Sunshine through the Rain

Rita Jantzen Hochstetler. Rita was born in a small Kansas town. Her twin brother was killed and she was seriously injured in a car accident when they were six weeks old. In 1992, Rita was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Inspirational … Read More

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When Loved Ones Are Called Home

Herbert H. Wernecke. A gift booklet containing many Scriptures and comforting poems, written especially for those who have lost a loved one through death. Subjects include the pain of separation, the time of healing, the memory of those departed, and … Read More

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Beyond the Door

Written by Miriam Biehn. Beyond the Door is Miriam’s story of the long journey with a daughter, Sarah, diagnosed with Bloom’s syndrome and cancer. As a mother, Miriam faced the normal responsibilities of marriage and motherhood as well. Time and … Read More

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Stronger Than Pain

Arlene Kauffman, with Lori Yoder. “God, where are you?” Arlene’s aching heart cries as yet another bout of severe pain strikes, making her feel helpless and alone. “Child, I am here,” He answers. “Where are you?” This book is Arlene’s … Read More

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Alternative Medicine

Donal O’Mathuna, Ph.D., and Walt Larimore, MD. This is a comprehensive guidebook to nontraditional medicine, written from a Christian perspective. The authors point out treatments that should be avoided because of their roots in evil. Ratings are given for each … Read More

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Good Night, My Son

Esther F. Smucker. This is a true story of David and Esther Smucker, and their five-year-old son who was killed by an automobile accident. This book can benefit readers in learning how to release treasures to heaven. 88 pages; paper; … Read More

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Good Grief

Granger E Westberg. Grieving is a natural process that we go through when something or someone important to us has been taken away, such as losing a loved one, losing one’s job, moving, and other upheavals in life. Written for … Read More

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