A Bicycle for Kofi

Ten-year-old Kofi lives in Ghana. He dreams of some day owning a bicycle, but it doesn’t seem possible. His parents teach him to be content with what he has. He can be happy by making other people happy. 125 pages; hardcover.

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A Black Bear’s Story

This book takes the reader on a fascinating adventure through the first year and a half of twin bear cubs’ experiences with their mother. She is a wise mother bear, and they learn all about finding food and avoiding danger. This is an eventful and authentic tale of the bears and their forest neighbors – the moose, deer, porcupines, otters, ravens, owls, and many other wild inhabitants of the north woods. 192 pages; paperback; AB Publishing.

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A Kitten Named Birthday

Six-year-old Sarah loves to play with her birthday present, a kitten she named Birthday. Because Sarah is deaf, she cannot hear when Birthday meows. In this story, she learns many things about her kitten and seeks to find the answer to her question, “Does God know sign language?”

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An Otter’s Story

Otters are fascinating, lively creatures. They love to slide in the snow, wrestle in the forest, play water tag, and search for crawfish. This action-packed story about Ottiga and Beauty and their family is based on true events that happened to otters the author knew, in territory he has trapped and hunted in. It gives a fascinating peak into the lives of some of God’s wonderful creatures! 191 pages; paperback.

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Barry, the Story of a Wolf Dog

A little gray and white pup splashed into the the river, thrown by a man who didn’t have a way to care for him. But Jim Williams and the ranch dog, Old Jeff, came up right then and rescued him. The pup grew into a big powerful dog. Read this book to learn about how he ran away, and how he came back to save Jim Williams when he was in terrible danger! 242 pages; paperback. Proofreader’s note: There is one instance of inappropriate language on page 45.

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Benny the Beaver

Forest Friends Series #2. Life for a beaver is filled with a combination of adventure and carefulness. Always he must watch for danger! Benny the Beaver and other beavers find themselves abruptly relocated. Mountain lions threaten! They must build dams and homes quickly to protect themselves. This book has a full color, full page illustration opposite every page of text. 60 pages; hardcover; Northstar Books.

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Blaze Shows the Way

Blaze Shows the Way is part of the classic Billy and Blaze series. Pencil-drawn illustrations throughout capture the warmth and special understanding between a boy and his horse. 48 pages; paperback.

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Bound by Ice

In the last half of the 19th century, “Arctic fever” gripped the American public. This book tells the story of the expedition led by George Washington De Long aboard the USS Jeannette. They left San Francisco in the summer of 1879. In mid-September, the ship became locked in ice and drifted for almost two years. Eventually, the ship was crushed by ice and sank. The men escaped the ship, heading for civilization in extreme conditions. Read this riveting, true-life adventure! 191 pages; paperback.

Proofreaders’ note: For school library use, you will need to decide how to handle some sensitive terms used on pp. 32 and 62.

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Bugs: Big & Small, God Made Them All

Big Beetles, Glowing Fireflys, Leaf Hoppers and many more! This book about bugs is both educational and scripture-based, acknowledging God’s creation and handiwork in the insect world. Hardcover. 80 pages.

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Chipmunk Willie

Forest Friends Series #3. Chipmunk Willie’s life is full of adventure from the moment he awakes from hibernation. He scampers to the top of stumps and down little hills, searching for food and curious about what is around the next obstacle. But he must be careful – danger could be lurking behind the next bush! Children will enjoy this book with its many full color illustrations. 56 pages; hardcover; Northstar Books.

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