A Beaver’s Story

This is the story of beavers named Haloka and Akella and their family. Together they build their amazing lodge and struggle through a flood that sweeps it away. Danger from fierce wild animals and human hunters enlivens the wonderfully true-to-nature … Read More

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The Phantom Deer

The story of a man, a boy, and a Key deer–an endangered species of miniature deer found in the Florida Keys. Hickey does not appreciate visitors to the Keys, and he is uneasy when his great-nephew Jack comes to visit. … Read More

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Adopted Jane

For as long as she can remember, Jane has lived at the James Ballard Memorial Home. She sees other children come and go, but never has a family wanted to adopt her. Finally, she receives invitations to spend time in … Read More

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Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison

Lois Lenski. Twelve-year-old Mary Jemison lived on her family’s farm in eastern Pennsylvania. Her life changed forever when she was captured by a band of Indian warriors. Based on a true story, here is the unforgettable tale of the legendary … Read More

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Lion Hound

Jim Kjelgaard. Set in the wild rimrock country of Arizona, this gripping tale will thrill boys of any age. Johnny Torrington and his grandfather, together with the finest lion hound pack around, are on the track of a vicious mountain … Read More

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The Wolf King

High in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, a lively black wolf pup was born. Early in life he had close encounters with man but miraculously escaped. He grew into a mighty 200 pound leader of a pack, and he came to be called the king. His cunning and power seemed almost limitless! Young people will enjoy this thrilling tale of the wilderness and the wild animals and hardy men that inhabit it. 246 pages; paperback; AB Publishing.

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The Strange Intruder

Arthur Catherall. Set in the remote Faroe Islands, a rugged and beautiful archipelago in the North Atlantic, this is an action-packed story of survival. A stricken ship, a wild storm, and a strong, hungry predator combine to create one tremendous … Read More

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Always Face a Panther

Compiled by Ruth K. Hobbs. This is a book of short stories with a moral, many of them are from the early days of America. Most of these stories are suitable for school devotions as well as reading aloud at … Read More

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Across the Border (Beyond the Orphan Train Book 4)

Arleta Richardson. Beyond the Orphan Train Series, book 4. The four Cooper children seem to have found the place the Lord had for them. They have lived with the Rushes for four years now, and they are all settled into … Read More

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Looking for Home (Beyond the Orphan Train Book 1)

Arleta Richardson; middle/upper. Beyond the Orphan Train Series, book 1. With Mama dead and Papa gone, there is no way the nine Cooper children can keep their family together. The four young ones must go to an orphanage. Ethan, Alice, … Read More

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