Mystery of Christ in the Revelation

A thorough examination of the Book of Revelation that uses the scriptures to interpret the book. This is a lengthy work, but it attempts to explain the meaning of the symbols and the important lessons that are to be found … Read More

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Tech Talk

Digital technology is both helpful and harmful, delightful and dangerous. This presents a challenge compelling godly youth to make difficult choices. Peer pressure is powerful, and no one wants to be left behind. How are youth going to survive this enticing world of technology? Practical reading for youth and adults. 248 pages.

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This Side of the Global Wall

Gary Miller. Using charts, pictures, and efficient prose, this book brings some statistics into sharp focus. It shows how much of the world’s wealth is concentrated among a few people and how much Americans spend on their pets, lawns, hunting, … Read More

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Bb Portuguese HC (Trinitarian Bible Society)

A Biblia Sagrada, Portuguese Bible. Black letter edition, text only with no references and only a very concise glossary. Page size is 8½ x 5⅜ in.; thickness is 1⅛ in. Hardcover.

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KJV/NLT Parallel Bible, Burgundy Imitation

The People’s Parallel Bible lets you read two of the most powerful translations of God’s Word in one quality Bible edition. Now you can compare the time-honored King James Version with the clear and accurate New Living Translation. Get a fuller sense of … Read More

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Adoniram Judson: Bound for Burma

Janet and Geoff Benge. The son of a Congregational minister in Colonial America, Adoniram Judson was exceptionally gifted. While in school he forsook the religious teaching of his childhood only to find his beliefs shaken by the dramatic death of … Read More

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Ben Carson

Janet and Geoff Benge. Young Ben Carson had a tough start in life. His mother’s motto was to always do your best, and she taught Ben and his brother that reading books was the way to learn. Through some difficult … Read More

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The First Days of School, 5th ed.

Harry K. Wong and Rosemary T. Wong. Setting a specific schedule and enacting proven procedures in the first few weeks of school are critical in determining how well organized the classroom will be for the rest of the school year. … Read More

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