Danny the Workhorse

Helga Moser. Meet the workhorse who had one problem—he was lazy! Find out how he was cured. 40 pages. Part of the Pleasant Valley Farm Series, a series of delightful books for young children.

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Dolly the Milk Cow

Pleasant Valley Farm Series. These books will delight young children. They each tell the story of a special barnyard animal in a warm and personable way. The colorful illustrations by help tell the story. The books are hardcover with quality binding and paper.
Read about a patient, faithful milk cow that always led the other cows to the barn at milking time, even when it was dark or icy. Illustrated by David W. Miller; 48 pages.

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Eight Eggs

Six-year-old Carlos has found a treasure: eight eggs! His mother sends him to share some of them with their elderly neighbors, and it sets off quite a chain reaction of sharing. Young children will enjoy this book. 26 pages; paperback; … Read More

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Matthew Grady Loves His Enemy

Samuel D. Coon. A beautiful book to illustrate the concept of nonresistance to children. A young Mennonite minister and his wife show love to the villagers, and they invite the people to the small church where he preaches. But a … Read More

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Millie’s Christmas Surprise

THIS TITLE IS OUT OF PRINT Judy Yoder. Millie’s family is giving up buying new clothes they need so they can give Grandpa money for new eyeglasses. But what about Grandma? What will she get? Suddenly Millie knows what she … Read More

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Noah’s Boat (board book)

Illustrated by Alex Brover. Written especially for young children, Noah’s Boat illustrates both Noah’s loving obedience toward God and God’s loving care towards His people. The high-quality artwork is fun and the sturdy construction features a unique wavy shape along … Read More

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Shadow the Barn Cat

Helga Moser. What is sleek, shy and black, and loves to hunt in the dark barn? Shadow the barn cat! And she needs a place that is snug and safe and dark and quiet to hide a secret. What is … Read More

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Snoopy the Sheep

Helga Moser. Meet the sheep whose home was cozy and safe with plenty of fresh grass to eat. But Snoopy was discontent. 48 pages. Part of the Pleasant Valley Farm Series, a series of delightful books for young children. Christian … Read More

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Tell Me About Jesus (board book)

Slip your baby’s first book about Jesus into your purse or diaper bag for church, waiting rooms, or quiet moments anywhere. Made of sturdy board-book material. Measures 6 by 6 inches.

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Tell Me the Stories of Jesus

Caleb Crider; illustrated by Alex Brover. This Bible story book has 70 short stories about Jesus. The stories are written in simple, clear language that children can understand. Each story is illustrated with beautiful artwork that will help impress upon … Read More

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