Chuma and Chuma Finds a Baby

This book includes two stories. Chuma wants to learn about Jesus, but her father, the witch doctor, does not let her go to Sunday school. Read how her hate for her sister turns to love. One day she finds a … Read More

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A Song for the King

Amish Frontier Series book 3. Thirteen-year-old Lydia Yoder feels homeless. Poor farming conditions mean yet another change! The Yoder family spends a summer working for produce farmers at Ordway, Colorado. Then they move on to Montana to a recently established … Read More

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Wonsit: Ute Girl Crossing Wild Wyoming

See the colorful history of the White River Ute people through the eyes of a child. Ten-year-old Wonsit and her people travel away from land-hungry settlers to a far-away place where they hope for a better life. 191 pages; paperback. … Read More

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Sissy Kid Brother

Thirteen-year-old Ken hires on as a cook for his father’s custom harvesting crew. You will enjoy reading about his awkward cooking disasters, a race with a tornado, and a night ride with two robbers. 236 pages; paperback; ages 9-15.

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Soun Tetoken Nez Perce Boy Tames a Stallion

This is a story of a young Nez Perce who found a coyote pup and inherited a wonderful stallion. It is about growing up and becoming a man. But it is also the sad story of the running war the … Read More

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Steamboat Rock

Amish Frontier Series, Book 6. The Yoders move to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in the shadow of World War II. Will the boys be drafted? In all of the uncertainty, they take an inspiration from the Psalms: “The Lord is my … Read More

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Paradise Valley

Amish Frontier Series, Book 4. When education laws begin to make life difficult, some Amish fathers take a stand. Facing persecution, a decision is made to move to Mexico. Pioneering is not easy, and difficulties with the new government and … Read More

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Footprints in the Ash

In the early morning hours of May 18, 1980, the pristine scenery around Washington’s Mount St. Helens was shattered by a powerful explosion that devastated its north slope. In the aftermath, amid the rivers of mud, blankets of ash, and eerie … Read More

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The Work of His Hands

This beautiful book is packed with clear, close-up pictures of plant and animal life in Central and South America. This interesting book describes how the Creator made each living thing with what it needs to survive in its environment.

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Journey Through the Ark Encounter

This book is an overview of the Ark Encounter exhibit in Williamstown, Kentucky. It will be of interest to people who have been there or are planning to go soon. This well-illustrated book shows how it could have been during … Read More

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