A Beaver’s Story

This is the story of beavers named Haloka and Akella and their family. Together they build their amazing lodge and struggle through a flood that sweeps it away. Danger from fierce wild animals and human hunters enlivens the wonderfully true-to-nature … Read More

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A Black Bear’s Story

This book takes the reader on a fascinating adventure through the first year and a half of twin bear cubs’ experiences with their mother. She is a wise mother bear, and they learn all about finding food and avoiding danger. This is an eventful and authentic tale of the bears and their forest neighbors – the moose, deer, porcupines, otters, ravens, owls, and many other wild inhabitants of the north woods. 192 pages; paperback; AB Publishing.

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An Otter’s Story

Otters are fascinating, lively creatures. They love to slide in the snow, wrestle in the forest, play water tag, and search for crawfish. This action-packed story about Ottiga and Beauty and their family is based on true events that happened to otters the author knew, in territory he has trapped and hunted in. It gives a fascinating peak into the lives of some of God’s wonderful creatures! 191 pages; paperback.

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Barry, the Story of a Wolf Dog

A little gray and white pup splashed into the the river, thrown by a man who didn’t have a way to care for him. But Jim Williams and the ranch dog, Old Jeff, came up right then and rescued him. The pup grew into a big powerful dog. Read this book to learn about how he ran away, and how he came back to save Jim Williams when he was in terrible danger! 242 pages; paperback. Proofreader’s note: There is one instance of inappropriate language on page 45.

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Forever with the Lord

What would it be like to be an Anabaptist? Ursula is full of questions. Yet she sees the joy that is evident in the lives of her sister and her sister’s husband. How can she know what is right? In this interesting work of historical fiction, we get a glimpse into the story of Michael Sattler and the Anabaptists of his time. 172 pages; paperback; TGS International.

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George Müller: The Guardian of Bristol’s Orphans

George Muller was an unhappy, rebellious youth, but was converted to Christianity before he married. After marriage, he opened his home to hungry orphans despite scarcely having enough to feed himself. With God providing for them, the Müller house became known as the “Breakfast Club” for thirty orphans. Eventually, he would give homes to over ten thousand children.

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Holman Large Print Compact Bible

Words of Christ in red, end of verse references, concordance, ribbon marker. Page size is 3 15/16 x 6 in.; thickness is 1 1/4 in. Black LeatherTouch cover made from synthetic material. KJV. KJV. Black Regular LeatherTouch binding, 5715, 14152 … Read More

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Leaving Russia: The Journey to Canada

In this book you will read stories and learn about the Mennonites that moved to the prairies of Manitoba. In the 1870s, the group arrived after a long journey. They sailed over the Atlantic Ocean and along several rivers, and then travelled across land by wagon train. The Mennonites were welcomed by the Canadian government because they were known to be great farmers. But starting to farm this new land was just the beginning of the Mennonites’ story. Good for upper grades at school, but suitable for any age. 80 pages; paperback; Plett Foundation.

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Marcher sur le chemin du Seigneur

This Bible study book contains eighteen lessons for intermediates designed to help the students understand that Christian life is a highway through this world. The lessons cover topics such as accepting yourself, respecting others, working willingly, fleeing youthful lusts, being … Read More

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Merriam-Webster Dictionary, paperback, desk size

A compact dictionary suitable for students to keep in their desk at school. More than 75,000 definitions. 927 pages; paperback; Merriam-Webster Inc

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