Sister to Sister

A compiled collection of more than two hundred articles dealing with a wide range of practical issues for Christian women. These articles represent the personal convictions of many sisters and will stimulate thought and conviction and promote unity and fellowship. … Read More

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A Study in Christian Doctrine

A good book to give to people who are just getting acquainted with the church — the essential doctrines are presented in a more readable form than in Principles of Faith. 56 pages; ­paper; Gospel Publishers.

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The Enduring Church

Ben Giesbrecht. This history of the church is readable and comprehensive. It tells the story of the people who truly have sought to follow Christ and His teachings from the days of the early church to our time. The four … Read More

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The Things Which Belong to Our Peace

Myron Nightingale, the author, shares insights and inspirations on a variety of spiritual truths. Topics include prayer, the voice of the Comforter, surrender, the home, security, stability, and confidence, the mystery of the faith, and more. Biblical principles are presented … Read More

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Thirty-three Articles of Faith

These articles, taken from Martyrs Mirror, embody the faith for which many thousands of martyrs have given their lives. 106 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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Alone Yet Not Alone

Tracy Leininger Craven. Tracy Leininger Craven. The year is 1755. The Leininger family celebrates a fruitful harvest in the New World. But with the beginning of the French and Indian War, the Native Americans change from friend to enemy. In … Read More

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Springs in the Valley

A daily devotional book suitable for youth and adults. In life’s journey, God graciously provides oases of restoration where we least expect them. In this book the author assures us that no mountain is too high, no desert valley too … Read More

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Streams in the Desert

L. B. Cowman. A devotional classic. First published in 1925, it has encouraged and inspired generations of Christians. It is filled with insight into the richness of God’s provision and the purpose of His plan. A devotion for each day … Read More

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Pilgrim’s Progress – Hendrickson hardcover edition

John Bunyan. The immortal story of Christian as he leaves the City of Destruction and embarks on a journey. This book has provided inspiration to countless believers since it was penned in a prison cell many years ago. 263 pages; … Read More

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The Complete Writings of Menno Simons

Edited by J. C. Wenger. This volume contains all known writings of Menno Simons, including some not found in The Complete Works of Menno Simons. Translated by a language expert, with introductions by J. C. Wenger to each of Menno … Read More

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