Kindergarten 1, Our God Is Awesome, pupil

Four of the ten lessons are from the Old Testament; the other six feature Jesus.

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Kindergarten 2, Bible Heroes, pupil

Stories of Bible heroes — Noah, Joseph, David, Esther, Daniel, and more. Eight lessons cover Old Testament characters; two lessons focus on Jesus.

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Pilgrim’s Progress Study Guide

A workbook of the journeys of Christian from John Bunyan’s classic story. For youth and up. Page numbers throughout the study guide correlate with the CLP edition of Pilgrim’s Progress.

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Pilgrim’s Progress Study Guide, Answer Key

Contains answers for the questions in the Pilgrim’s Progress Study Guide. The teacher will also want a copy of the study guide.

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Pursuing Peace in the Church and Community

This is a thought-provoking little booklet written in practical terms. It is based on Scripture. Read this for help in growing in grace and peace toward all men and especially among the church family. This booklet could be used for … Read More

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