Be Still

Berniece Penner. Subtitled “Inspirations from a New York Apartment.” In this book, Berniece invites us into the quiet garden of meditation. Amidst the towering skyscrapers, the blaring horns, and the hurrying throng she portrays an oasis of inspiration for wearied … Read More

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In the Morning

Berniece Penner. Meditations of the mornings, as they entwine with the author’s daily life in the multicultural borough of Queens. In the city with its many attractions and distractions, the author finds the place where God dwells. 204 pages; paper; … Read More

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The Winds of God

Margaret Penner Toews. Written to encourage meaningful family or personal devotions, these one-page essays include a scripture reference for Bible reading and are well-suited for reading aloud. The aim of each day’s devotional is to share an inspiration for the … Read More

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Words of Comfort and Cheer

Mrs. Charles E. Cowman. A reprint of a popular devotional book from bygone years. The poems and messages in this book are intended to be a companion to Streams in the Desert. These short devotional readings are a combination of … Read More

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Have You Considered? Evidence beyond a Reasonable Doubt

This book explores the creation through science and the Word of God. For each day of the year, there is a short devotional with scripture references and some very interesting scientific facts. Topics include biology, geology, genetics, and history. Written … Read More

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Inspired Evidence

Julie Von Vett and Bruce Malone. Either the universe made itself or something else is responsible. Either ape-like creatures became people or people were created. God wants us to be inspired by what He has made. This book is divided … Read More

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A Cup of Quiet

Life is like a latte. In the optimism of youth we assume we can order it to taste. We anticipate a smooth, satisfying drink, so we order a single shot of reality flavored with dreams… The essays and poems in … Read More

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Behold the Lilies

Compiled by Susan Schwartz and Verna Mast. This book contains a year’s worth of daily meditations for Christian women. Each devotional begins with a Bible verse. Many of the pages speak of happiness, fulfillment, and joy to be found in … Read More

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God’s Grace in the Valley

This daily devotional is written by one well acquainted with grief. The 144 devotionals cover a wide range of topics. Each devotional has a scripture reading, a short essay on the topic, questions, and space for journaling. 303 pages; paperback; … Read More

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