Biblische Lehren und Anwendung

(Bible Doctrine and Practice, German edition) 487 pages; softcover; Gospel Publishers.

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Doctrin La Bib Ak Pratik Li

(Bible Doctrine and Practice, Creole edition) 417 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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The United Undivided Church of God

Claes Ganlof. Written in the late 1500s, translated by Titus B. Hoover. It was the wish of John Holdeman that this book be translated into English. The author calls it an “explanation from the Holy Scripture, how the church of … Read More

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This Is My Heritage

Traces the history and lineage of the church from shortly after Pentecost until the present. Special emphasis is given to the growth and development of the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite. Illustrated, with maps and timelines. 136 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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Ready Bible Answers

George R. Brunk. The first three editions of this book appeared under the title Ready Scriptural Reasons. It covers 32 topics in question-­and-answer form, such as becoming a Christian, ordinances, the devotional covering, marriage, nonconformity to the world, and more. 180 pages; paper; Sword and Trumpet.

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Questions and Answers on Christian Doctrine

In question-­and-answer form, 47 doctrinal topics are discussed. Good for personal or group study, or for those who are seeking for truth and want to know more about the doctrines of the church. Revised edition. 125 pages; ­paper; Gospel Publishers.

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Principles of Faith

A booklet containing concise explanations of 37 doctrines and principles of faith. Each article is substantiated with Scripture references. It is suitable for doctrine study and recommended to seekers of the truth, both at home and in missions. For more … Read More

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Mirror of Truth

John Holdeman. A doctrinal exposition on Christian principles as taught in the Bible. These articles are richly permeated with Scripture quotations; truth is so clearly portrayed that it can be likened to looking into a mirror to differentiate between true and false teaching. An important … Read More

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Ministerial Reflections

A book written for ministers and deacons to encourage faithfulness in preaching the Word and in church housekeeping. Fifteen chapters cover pulpit manners, proving applicants for baptism, visiting the sick, the deacon’s work, and more. 132 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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Mennonite Historical Atlas

William Schroeder and Helmut T. Huebert. Contains 87 maps of the migration of Mennonites from Holland and the Low Countries to Russia, Poland, and the Ukraine; maps of the colonies in Russia; and the migrations following the world wars. Maps … Read More

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