El Progreso del Peregrino Ilustrado

(Pilgrim’s Progress Illustrated) John Bunyan. With illustrations. 254 pages; paper; Kregel.

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En el Vientre de la Ballena

(In the Whale’s Belly) James Lowry. Stories retold from the Martyrs Mirror of believers who were imprisoned and suf-fered for their faith. 121 pages; paper; Lamp and Light

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Tito, Companero de la Cruz

(Titus, a Comrade of the Cross) Florence M. Kingsley. A moving account which portrays Titus as the penitent thief crucified with Christ. 180 pages; paper; Lamp and Light Publishers.

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Principes de Foi

(Principles of Faith) 94 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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Junto a Aguas de Reposo, Volumen 2

(Beside the Still Waters Volume 2) A devotional book with a Bible reading and a short, inspirational writing for each day of the year. A one-year Bible reading plan is included. 370 pages; paper; Vision Publishers.

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Mis amigos de la Biblia

(My Bible Friends) Etta B. Degering. This five-volume set is excellent for acquainting small children with familiar Bible stories. Hardcover; Pacific Press.

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German-English Bible, Leather, Thumb-indexed

A parallel Bible containing the Old and New Testaments in English and German. The Authorized King James 1611 is on the left page and German Martin Luther Stuttgart 1912 text on the right page. The German text is in old-style … Read More

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A collection of children’s songs in the Spanish language which have been sung over the years in Sunday schools and Bible schools. Four-part harmony is provided for many of the songs. 143 songs; paper; PrairieView Press.

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Evangeliums-Lieder 1 und 2

(Gospel Songs) 344 songs; hardcover; Prairie­View Press.

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Nuevas Alabanzas

A collection of 173 songs, some previously unpublished, plus songs translated from English. 192 pages; paper; Prairie­View Press.

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