A Beaver’s Story

This is the story of beavers named Haloka and Akella and their family. Together they build their amazing lodge and struggle through a flood that sweeps it away. Danger from fierce wild animals and human hunters enlivens the wonderfully true-to-nature … Read More

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A Black Bear’s Story

This book takes the reader on a fascinating adventure through the first year and a half of twin bear cubs’ experiences with their mother. She is a wise mother bear, and they learn all about finding food and avoiding danger. This is an eventful and authentic tale of the bears and their forest neighbors – the moose, deer, porcupines, otters, ravens, owls, and many other wild inhabitants of the north woods. 192 pages; paperback; AB Publishing.

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Little Faith, the Child of the Toy Stall

Mrs. O. F. Walton. Faith, a young orphan girl, is taken in by a Christian family. When Faith’s adoptive mother dies, cruel Mrs. Gubbins moves in to help Father care for the children. Despite Father’s love, Faith is distraught by … Read More

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Ulysses and His Woodland Zoo

In the world of men, Ulysses blunders constantly. But when he is hired as the winter caretaker of a remote hunting lodge, he finds a talent as a nurturer of many hurt and needy animals. In the woodland world, he … Read More

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Winter’s Folly

Mrs. O. F. Walton. Somewhat of an allegory, in this book Mr. Winter is a lonely old man living in a cold little stone house on the bluff. Read of two girls who become his new neighbors and the warming … Read More

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