The Phantom Deer

The story of a man, a boy, and a Key deer–an endangered species of miniature deer found in the Florida Keys. Hickey does not appreciate visitors to the Keys, and he is uneasy when his great-nephew Jack comes to visit. … Read More

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Wilderness Champion

The Story of a Great Hound. When Johnny lost the best hound pup of the litter on the trail leading to his ranger’s cabin high in the Alberta peaks, he almost gave up hope of finding it. Then a wilderness adventure brought the hound back to his master and Reddy became the greatest hunting hound in the whole north country. 195 pages; paperback. Note instances of inappropriate language on pages 87, 97, 125, and 192.

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Alone in London

Hesba Stretton. Meet Tony, who has been on his own in London, and his new friends, old Oliver and little Dolly. Find out how words can hurt and words can save, and see how God cares for all people. 128 … Read More

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Anita and the Driftwood House

Margaret A. Epp. Ten-year-old Anita is moving with her parents to the orchard country of Nova Scotia because her father is ill and unable to work. Her world is impacted by an orphan boy, boisterous cousins, and an old “wanderer” … Read More

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Choice Stories for Children

A reprint of the original book, compiled in 1949. Each of these 38 stories contains a good lesson and helps build strong character. Children enjoy good stories, and these stories never grow old. 144 pages; paper; AB Publishing.

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Happy Hours at Home

Isabel Byrum. A book about a God-fearing family who believed and taught truth and purity. Around the fireside, the family enjoyed an allegory about a knight who went forth to slay his king’s enemies. This book shares the experiences of … Read More

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Honesty the Best Policy

Ten character-building stories reinforcing old-fashioned values and principles. Young Advent Pilgrim’s Bookshelf.

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Kalak of the Ice

This is the story of Kalak, the great polar bear whose domain lay north of the Arctic Circle. Through the dramatic saga of a polar bear’s life, the author presents an unforgettable picture of the land of bear and seal, … Read More

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Velma Craven Meyer. After a tornado destroys much of the wooded area around their home, the Meyers discover a baby robin among the mess. They decide to call the little bird Robby. Robby lives an amazing 26 years, migrating south … Read More

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Sabbath Readings for the Home Circle, Paperback

A collection of stories originally published around the turn of the century. The stories are from church papers from that day. The stories are interesting, enjoyable, and teach valuable lessons about life. A necessary addition to your library, or an … Read More

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