Daily Strength for Growing Youth

Using a similar format and writing style, this book follows Daily Truth for Godly Youth with 365 practical devotionals for teens and adults. A wide variety of topics are covered, and modern-day illustrations help drive the point home. 396 pages. … Read More

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Daily Truth for Godly Youth

The goal of this devotional book is to call youth to be more like Christ in their everyday lives. Both teens and adults will enjoy a refreshing look at practical Christian living in the captivating illustrations and challenging comments. 365 … Read More

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Junto a Aguas de Reposo, Volumen 2

(Beside the Still Waters Volume 2) A devotional book with a Bible reading and a short, inspirational writing for each day of the year. A one-year Bible reading plan is included. 370 pages; paper; Vision Publishers.

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Love and Nonresistance

John Coblentz. A biblical study of the doctrine of nonresistance. This book is divided into three parts: “Old Testament Foundations,” “New Testament Principles,” and “Practical Aspects.” The last section, “Practical Aspects,” is thought-provoking and applies the doctrine of nonresistance to everyday life. A foundational teaching of … Read More

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More Tea Leaves

Here is a second collection of devotional meditations written by a dozen women and compiled by Nancy Stutzman. They share about joy and fellowship, weaknesses and struggles, and walking with Christ in everyday life. 376 pages; paper; Christian Light Publications.

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Worshipful Families

This book is designed for family devotional reading. Together with a short Bible reading, the lessons are drawn from God’s wonderful creation. The book is divided into thirteen sections, each of which focuses on a different aspect of nature. Each … Read More

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