Estudios de las Doctrinas de la Biblia

(A Study of the Doctrines of the Bible) Twenty-five lessons written for doctrinal class instruction prior to baptism. 58 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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Lessons from the Christian Mission Voice

The Christian Mission Voice began publication in February 1966 to report on the progress of mission efforts at home and abroad. This book contains a distillation of editorials and articles from The Christian Mission Voice. Couples who are considering mission … Read More

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Messenger of Truth on CD

A program that installs the issues from 1941 to 2021 on the user’s computer. The program opens to a screen where individual issues may be perused or terms or names may be entered in the search box. In short order, … Read More

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Tea Leaves

These devotional meditations for women, compiled by Nancy Stutzman, were written by twelve missionary mothers. You will find your spirit refreshed and your commitment renewed as you read these pages. 350 pages; paper. Christian Light Publications. OUT OF PRINT.

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Le Défi de la Vie Chrétienne

(The Challenge of Christian Living) 96 pages; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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Alabanzas Favoritas No. 2

Included in this collection of Spanish songs are traditional Mexican songs, many familiar songs that have been translated to Spanish, and numerous selections written by those of our church membership. A Spanish equivalent to Christian Endeavor Songs. 232 songs; hardcover; … Read More

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Une Etude de la Doctrine Chrétienne

(A Study in Christian Doctrine) 56 pages; paper; Gospel Tract and Bible Society.

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