Anak, the Eskimo Boy

Piet Prins. Anak and his family live near the Coronation Gulf. He experiences both adventure and danger as he learns to hunt seals, caribou, and walrus. As he confronts the challenges of Eskimo life, including accidentally drifting out to sea … Read More

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A. Van der Jagt. The Huguenot Inheritance Series No. 1. The account of three Huguenot children fleeing the Romanists and persecution. Based on historical facts. They encounter many hardships and difficulties in their escape to Holland and ­religious freedom. Paper; … Read More

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Harebell’s Friend

Amy Le Feuvre. This is a delightful story about a young girl named Harebell. As an orphan she came to live with her aunt. Her aunt doesn’t like children and would rather send her off to a boarding school. Ages 9-12. 140 pages; paper; … Read More

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Lost Gip

Hesba Stretton. Little Gipsy is Sandy’s adored baby sister. Left to themselves, Sandy and Gip become inseparable, until the day little Gip is lost. Sandy’s searches all over London are fruitless. He meets lame Johnny Shafto, who befriends him, gives … Read More

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R. Weerstand. Set in the year 64 a.d. during the reign of Nero, this book relates the persecution suffered by Christians as seen through the eyes of a Roman boy named Quintus. Quintus learns about Jesus through his apprenticeship to … Read More

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Andy Man

Amy Le Feuvre. Set in early twentieth century England, this story tells how orphaned Andy leaves London, meets John Dunstan, and becomes his ‘andy man’. Andy is honest, enthusiastic, and loves to work, but he is also headstrong and has … Read More

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Footprints in the Snow

W. G. Van de Hulst. Stories Children Love series, book 13. Little Janie is determined that Grandpas shall have their New Year’s fritters. But she makes a big mistake when she starts out with her basket across the cold, snowy … Read More

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Kittens, Kittens Everywhere

Peggy and Penny were heartbroken. Their kittens, Heather and Feather, were lost! Then suddenly Dr. Hart, their stern neighbor, was accusing the girls of making all sorts of mischief. And what about those noises behind the tall fence dividing Dr. … Read More

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My Master and I

W. G. Van de Hulst. Stories Children Love series, book 9. A delightful story of a boy and his dog, written as from the little dog’s point of view.  Fik doesn’t understand why he cannot be with John when John … Read More

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Nobody’s Boy

Hector Malot. This is a story of an “orphan” boy. When he is eight, he finds out that the woman he thought was his mother is not. He had been found abandoned as a baby, and had been kept with … Read More

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