Comfort for Troubled Christians

This little book helps us learn to be joyous and victorious in the midst of trial, poverty, betrayal, and heartache. It applies many comforting scriptures as salve to our wounds, and teaches contentment and trust in God. 72 pages; paperback; Moody Publishers.

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Little Pilgrim’s Progress

John Bunyan; rewritten by Helen R. Taylor. Written in modern English on a child’s level. Christian is represented as a boy. A very good book for children to read—captivating and inspiring. 256 pages; paper; Moody Press.

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The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life

Hannah Whitall Smith. Not a hastily written essay on how to be successful and popular, but a book of truth as the author found it when she took the Bible’s promises literally, applied them to her life, and found them … Read More

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The Best of A. W. Tozer, Book Two

A. W. Tozer, compiled by Warren Wiersbe. Book Two follows the format of Book One with excerpts from other Tozer books. Some excerpts come from titles sold by Gospel Publishers; others do not. Some unique chapters come from the following … Read More

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The Bible or the Axe

William O. Levi. “Your enemy will come. Will you choose the Bible or the axe to defend yourself?” Young William was asked this question at the time of his baptism in South Sudan. Life is very difficult after the Muslim … Read More

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Humble Roots

Hannah Anderson. Using the simple examples of growing things and rural life, this book speaks to us about how to cultivate humility. This involves realizing who I am and Who God is. Humility graces all parts of one’s life: the … Read More

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Man: The Dwelling Place of God

This book examines various aspects of one central topic: the relationship of God with mankind. It is man’s duty and privilege to “glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” Some of the themes explored are leaving your old life behind, making … Read More

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