Storm Song

As World War II rages on, 1943 is a difficult year for the Yoder family. How should Elam, a conscientious objector, act when he boards a train full of sneering soldiers? Why does Father end up in prison? Thankfully, all things are in God’s power. Book seven in the Amish Frontier Series.

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A Faithful Witness

You may have read other histories of the Civil War, but this book gives a compelling look at that time through the story of a conservative family caught in the awful tumult. Opposing armies moved through their area by turns, helping themselves to livestock and food. This book is historical fiction, based loosely on the lives of real people. It is a thought-provoking story, and reading it will cause you to examine your own commitment to nonresistance. 251 pages; paperback; Ridgeway Publishing

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A Song for the King

Amish Frontier Series book 3. Thirteen-year-old Lydia Yoder feels homeless. Poor farming conditions mean yet another change! The Yoder family spends a summer working for produce farmers at Ordway, Colorado. Then they move on to Montana to a recently established … Read More

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Arrow in the Sky

Amish Frontier Series Book 5. No jobs, no money, no food… This became a common refrain in the 1930s. Living on a rice farm in Arkansas, the Yoder family had plenty of food, but money was scarce. Migrant workers came through in search of work, presenting a chance to share their food and show their care. Children will enjoy this story of bygone days and learn about that era in the process. 165 pages; paperback; Ridgeway Publishing.

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God in the Caribou Fire

The wall of fire sweeping down Mount Marius was pushed by high gusts of wind. The fire would roll and jump ahead of itself, shooting flames a couple hundred feet high. That fire was coming HERE! Time was running out. It is inspiring to read these first person accounts of people who fled before the Caribou Fire, and also to read of how God helped them deal with the aftermath. 251 pages; paper; Ridgeway Publishing.

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Slaying the Giant

French O’Shields. This book contains practical help for understanding, preventing, and overcoming depression. The author, who experienced debilitating depression, tells how God gave him spiritual tools to overcome depression and remain free of it. Two foundational themes of the book … Read More

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Steamboat Rock

Amish Frontier Series, Book 6. The Yoders move to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in the shadow of World War II. Will the boys be drafted? In all of the uncertainty, they take an inspiration from the Psalms: “The Lord is my … Read More

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Storyland Treasures

Karen Joann Miller. A collection of 23 short stories for young children. The stories are about everyday family happenings, and each story teaches a valuable lesson. 130 pages; paper; Ridgeway Publishing.

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The Treasure Hunt

Rebecca Martin. The Yoder family moves to Colorado to take advantage of cheap farmland. Young Joe has studied in history class about the gold rush that occurred some years before, and he seeks to find gold to help the family … Read More

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