As the Hart Panteth

Elo Bowman. This is a good collection of inspirational poems, one for each day of the year. Topics vary widely and include spiritual themes, family fun, nature, stories that teach a lesson, etc. 399 pages; paper; Vineyard Publications.

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Called to Be a Soldier

This book tells the experiences of conscientious objectors in Canada during World War II. It details their lives in the camps where they performed alternative service instead of joining the army. Most of the boys were from Ontario, and they first served at the Montreal River Camp, clearing land for the Trans-Canada Highway. Later some were transferred to forestry camps in British Columbia to fight forest fires and plant trees. Copies of letters to and from government officials are included, as well as some letters from church leaders. Although the practices of the different faiths vary from what we practice, this book gives a good picture of what CO camp life was like. 519 pages; paperback; Vineyard Publications.

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Rejoicing in the Shadow

Shirly Brubacher. When separate tragedies claim the lives of Ida and Susannah, their friends and family find comfort in dwelling in the secret place of the Most High. A true story of the strength God gives His children when a … Read More

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Stories to Appreciate

This book of fifteen story selections is choice reading! These stories have been specifically selected to help students of literature appreciate a story. Selections include “Half a Gift,” “The Bear That Thought He Was a Dog,” “The Stolen Money,” and … Read More

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Hymns of Faith

A well-balanced compilation of 506 songs, some old, some familiar, and some never published before. On many of the selections, the copyright holders have given special permission for copies to be made for church or school use. Hardcover; Vineyard Publications.

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