Friendship Recipes

Collected recipes of the 1979 youth group at Fredonia, Kansas. This cookbook was out of print for several years and is now in a three-ring binder. 242 pages of recipes. Koehn and Seiler.

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Alabanzas Favoritas No. 2

Included in this collection of Spanish songs are traditional Mexican songs, many familiar songs that have been translated to Spanish, and numerous selections written by those of our church membership. A Spanish equivalent to Christian Endeavor Songs. 232 songs; hardcover; … Read More

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The Beginning of Our Christian Schools

This book tells the story of the beginning of some of the schools in Canada and the United States, with emphasis on those that had legal difficulties or other obstacles. There were court hearings and other obstacles that could not … Read More

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Evangelistic Selections

A book of selections from the Christian Hymnal, suitable for use in evangelistic meetings, youth singing, and many occasions. 161 songs; paper; Gospel Publishers.

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Himnario Cristiano Hardcover, with notes

Spanish equivalent of Christian Hymnal. 430 songs; Gospel Publishers.

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Himnario Cristiano Softcover, Lyrics Only

Spanish equivalent of Christian Hymnal. 430 songs; Gospel Publishers.

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Hymns of Faith

A well-balanced compilation of 506 songs, some old, some familiar, and some never published before. On many of the selections, the copyright holders have given special permission for copies to be made for church or school use. Hardcover; Vineyard Publications.

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Love Wears an Apron: Menus, Tips & Inspiration

Compiled. “Love Wears an Apron” was designed by moms for moms and provides inspiration for menu planning, children’s job chart ideas, and housekeeping schedules. Throughout the book are cooking tips, inspirational quotes, and bits of humor. A portion of the … Read More

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Amish Cooking

More than 1,000 recipes taken from Favorite Amish Family Recipes and from the recipe pages of Family Life magazine. 331 pages; hardcover; Pathway

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A collection of children’s songs in the Spanish language which have been sung over the years in Sunday schools and Bible schools. Four-part harmony is provided for many of the songs. 143 songs; paper; PrairieView Press.

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