The Heart of Hebrew History

H. I. Hester. A practical and comprehensive textbook for Old Testament studies. It presents the leading facts in the history of the Hebrew people and contains maps and updated ­archaeological discoveries. 330 pages; hardcover; Broadman.

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Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words

W. E. Vine, Merrill F. Unger, and William White Jr. A reference book for intensive word study of more than 6000 biblical words in their original Greek or Hebrew. The original language often included shades of meaning that may go … Read More

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Smith’s Bible Dictionary

A Bible dictionary defining thousands of biblical words. People, places, customs, history, and geography of the Bible are described; contains other sections for Bible study. 912 pages; hardcover ­library binding; Hendrickson.

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The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary

Merrill F. Unger. A newly revised edition of one of the most com-plete, comprehensive, and up-to-date ­Bible dictionaries available today. Scholarly, with current articles on ­archaeology, geography, chronology, and other areas of biblical information. Includes color pictures. 1408 pages; hardcover; … Read More

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The Strongest Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance

Lists every word in the Bible alphabetically with the words of Christ in red. The most ­accurate and complete Strong’s ever published. The English words are linked by number to the Hebrew and Greek dictionaries included in this book. The … Read More

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Matthew Henry’s Unabridged Commentary

This edition is complete and unabridged and contains the entire text of Matthew Henry’s original multi-volume commentary. 2000 pages; hardcover; Hendrickson.

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The New Matthew Henry Commentary

A classic devotional commentary, abridged to retain the essential writings of Matthew Henry. Updated in 2010, this edition preserves the author’s original meaning while using contemporary English. 2278 pages; hardcover; Zondervan.  

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