Jerome’s Adventures

“Jerome climbed carefully down the last half inch of wall and onto the slippery sink counter. ‘Ah,’ he sighed in satisfaction, ‘made it again.’” Jerome is a spider, and we are invited to join him in this imaginary tale as … Read More

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Clouds of Terror

Helga and Erik could not believe their eyes. There were grasshoppers everywhere, and they were eating the crops! In the 1870s, when grasshoppers destroyed farms in Minnesota and other Midwestern states, many families gave up and moved away. This is … Read More

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Baby Porcupine

In a forest in Minnesota, a baby porcupine is born. The youngster, called a porcupette, is big and already covered with quills. But she will still have some growing to do before she is safe from predators. In the meantime, … Read More

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A Child’s Book of Bible Stories

Ten Bible stories, including these titles: “Let My People Go,” “The Widow’s Oil,” “Jonah,” “Thank You, Jesus,” and more. The simple, yet compelling language combines with detailed and captivating illustrations to ensure children will remember these Bible stories for years … Read More

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Destination Africa – Into the Vast Savanna

Join Marcellus on an African safari to see many animals up close. Also learn facts about each animal and marvel at the variety of God’s creation. Hardcover; 92 pages.

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Sleepy Hour

Bedtime stories for young children that teach good attitudes and actions. 184 pages; paperback.

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Inferno in the Lost Pines

Conditions were extra dry and hot that year of 2011 in Bastrop, Texas. A few sparks on a windy day began a major fire, and in its path were many homes nestled among the loblolly pines. Despite firefighters’ best efforts, … Read More

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The Ocean Book

This book gives a colorful, detailed look at the oceans on planet Earth. Text in differently colored sections throughout is variously aimed at 5th and 6th grade reading level, 7th and 8th grade reading level, and 9th through 11th grade … Read More

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Helen Keller: Courage in the Dark

Children will enjoy reading about the life of Helen Keller in this book. Dedicated teachers made a huge difference in the life of the wild child who could not see or hear. 48 pages, paperback, for 2nd and 3rd graders, … Read More

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Wonsit: Ute Girl Crossing Wild Wyoming

See the colorful history of the White River Ute people through the eyes of a child. Ten-year-old Wonsit and her people travel away from land-hungry settlers to a far-away place where they hope for a better life. 191 pages; paperback. … Read More

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